Recapping yesterday and a little bit of today

Yesterday I was supposed to work at our food co-op but my wonderful friend Pam volunteered to work for me. I wasn’t feeling the greatest and our bank account didn’t have the funds for the gas.

I lounged bummed around the house for most of the day. It felt like I had to work really hard not to get sick. I was successful and I am grateful for that.

During the course of the day I extracted one full roll of toilet paper out of the toilet, and swept up an entire box of rice crispies. This was thanks to little Ace. She is B-U-S-Y!!

Some laundry was accomplished  and Aly cleaned her little sister’s room just to be nice. At the end of the day when Pam delivered our produce she was able to stay for a little visit which totally cheered me up.

Today I got to met Lori and four of her wonderful kids! We met at the coolest cafe in the town I live in. I had no idea it was here and now we have the coolest place to meet and knit on our mom’s night out!! Woo Hoo!

Not to mention it has a wonderful paint your own pottery studio and they offer art classes. I hope to be able to bring the girls in so they can paint something for the new baby. Oh and I had their smoked turkey, roasted red pepper wrap with the tomato basil wrap. It was fantastic!!

Now Emi is napping, the bigs are playing and Ace is getting into things that she shouldn’t. So I will end here.

Oh and we hired a midwife!!!! I am so totally excited because I didn’t think we would be able to have a homebirth this time and now we can.


Thanks everyone for sharing your tips and tricks. I think I have tamed the monster enough to put a plan in place. I’ll share it when I have it totally hashed out.

I am feeling really good for the most part. I have been eating everything in site. I can’t seem to get full this pregnancy. I eat every two hours and then I nibble in between. Some of it is because my mouth has a weird feeling to it and I feel like I need to eat to combat the taste/sensation.

I am 13weeks and I am showing. I will post pics when I can find the battery charger and can charge the camera batteries.

The littles had a nasty cold but they are over it aside from a small cough.

We have been meeting with a homeschool group at the local Boys and Girls club for a gym day. It is an hour of free play. All the girls really enjoy it and it gets us out of the house and moving in this winter season.

Homeschool co-op starts again this week. The bigs are looking forward to it.

 That is really all I have for today. Sorry to be so plain Jane.

I hope you all have a great Monday!!

Taming the Laundry Monster and other thoughts


So we are a large family and we are about to be even bigger in a few months (no references to my size Caleb) I need some help from moms of many or even just organized moms on how they accomplish laundry.

My current system of “hope I got some underwear in there for everyone.” is just not cutting it. My bigs know how to do laundry and I have been having them do their own but they forget, or the day is full of activities and we aren’t home to get any done etc. So that hasn’t really been great, except for the fact that when I find their clothes tossed on the floor I don’t  take offense because I wasn’t the one that washed and dried the clothes.

I welcome any and all ideas on this matter….my husband will forever be in your debt if you can help me find something that works.


The next thing on my list is how to move from complete and total chaos to our day to a flexible routine. I have a 3yo that would benefit greatly and I want to enjoy my day and not feel like all we ever do is clean. We need to do more with our unschooling pursuits and it just isn’t happening because I start everyday in the negative. I have tried to ignore the messes and to some extent I can, but we are in a small space and I feel closed in if all the small spaces are cluttered. I have tried FlyLady and would try again except I can’t keep up with all the emails.


Do you do this by the week, month, day, not at all? I need to have a plan in place so we avoid eating out when we shouldn’t or quick $30 trips to the grocery store. I get an organic produce share every Tuesday and I need to incorporate what I will be getting each week so that it doesn’t go to waste.


Bottom line is






I can now officially announce that we are expecting #5!!

Our due date is estimated at the end of July…happy Anniversary to us!

I have some posts floating around in my head.

We are healthy and doing well.

Morning sickness has been mild compared to my previous 4 pregnancies. Could it mean that this one is a boy??

I’m pretty sure you can’t gage gender on how sick you are or aren’t.

We will find out in about 10weeks because my husband HAS to know.

I hope to be back with a post later tonight.

I have missed everyone and am grateful to everyone for all of your prayers and thoughts.

It has been hard but I am doing better.

I’m still here. I’m just not feeling very talkative, witty or otherwise motivated to share right now. I am trying to keep up with my subs but that isn’t going all that well.

Happy New Year.