I’m still here. I’m just not feeling very talkative, witty or otherwise motivated to share right now. I am trying to keep up with my subs but that isn’t going all that well.

Happy New Year.


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  1. I’m thinking maybe the week after next….  This coming week is crazy busy.  Ugh!  I will know more after Wed. b/c Cam is supposed to be getting braces sometime & they’re doing the impressions, etc. then.  How much notice do you need?  Couple of days?  Any particular day work better than another?  Darci’s off on Wed.’s I know, but other than that, she’s there pretty much all the time.  Are you planning on bringing your kids?  If so, I’ll probably bring the 3 youngest (I think the age ranges are about right.)  Just let me know what works well for you.
    So, how are you feeling?  Have you told the rest of the family?  I’m sure this is probably a really hard time even w/out the crazy hormones.  Hang in there! ((((HUGS))))  ~Lori

  2. HEY! I miss  you BUNCHES. I really need you right now. I think we all need each other. I hope you don’t feel too bad in the mornings. I wish I could be there to help you. I LOVE YOU! I am going to call you in a couple of days. I need to cry and talk.


  3. Feeling like a duck yet?    Would Thurs, Jan 17th work for lunch?  I have nothing going on that day, well, except taking the girls to the gym late that afternoon….  Just let me know.  I’ll message you w/ my phone number, b/c I think it’s different from what I gave you before.  Hope you’re doing okay….  ~Lori

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