I can now officially announce that we are expecting #5!!

Our due date is estimated at the end of July…happy Anniversary to us!

I have some posts floating around in my head.

We are healthy and doing well.

Morning sickness has been mild compared to my previous 4 pregnancies. Could it mean that this one is a boy??

I’m pretty sure you can’t gage gender on how sick you are or aren’t.

We will find out in about 10weeks because my husband HAS to know.

I hope to be back with a post later tonight.

I have missed everyone and am grateful to everyone for all of your prayers and thoughts.

It has been hard but I am doing better.

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  1. I have zero information that you would find useful regarding morning sickness. I do however posess extensive useful information regarding boys. You let me know if you need it. =)
    I love you, sweetheart.
    Grandpa Hat

  2. My husband had this fellow working along side him at a lab in St. Louis. This guy was doing his own personal study if it were possibly to decide sex upon when consummation took place.He had one boy and one girl, and he knew what sex they were based on when he and his wife, had her egg fertilized. I am sorry that I cannot remember which sex depended on what time fertilization happened during ovulation… but he had something going there I tell ya.

  3. YAY!!!! You know I’m excited about this! We are twinkies now. We both have 5 kids. HEHEHEHEHEH!!! I too felt the same way about whether or not we could tell we were having a boy or girl by the morning sickness. When I was pregnant with all of the girls, I was sick as a dog. But with Chase, I didn’t get sick at all. Then I got pregnant with Eli. He threw the whole theory off. So now my theory is based on their personalities. How active they were while I was pregnant with them is basically how “active” they are now. All of my girls are pretty outgoing, Chase is so laid back and Eli, well let’s just say I can already see he will be the one to keep me on my toes. He already does. I think I was sick the most with him. HEHEHEH!! So you are either having a boy and your body is reacting differently. Or boy or girl, he/she is going to pretty laid back. HEHEHEHE!!! Either way, you will have fun watching this little one fit in your family. As you already know, it’s amazing to see all these kids come from the same two parents and yet, be so different. Their personalities, talents, giftings, etc. God is awesome in His infinite wisdom. Congratulations dear friend! I am thrilled for you. In case you didn’t already know, drink Red Raspberry tea. (The herb, not that stuff at the grocery store.) It helps alleviate nausea. I drank it every night before going to bed. Sometimes I still do. I also took it in capsule form. Red Raspberry helps with so much. If you would like to know more, I’ll email you the information. The tea though, it gives immediate results with that nausea. LOL!!! Who couldn’t use that? Take care, talk with you later.

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