Thanks everyone for sharing your tips and tricks. I think I have tamed the monster enough to put a plan in place. I’ll share it when I have it totally hashed out.

I am feeling really good for the most part. I have been eating everything in site. I can’t seem to get full this pregnancy. I eat every two hours and then I nibble in between. Some of it is because my mouth has a weird feeling to it and I feel like I need to eat to combat the taste/sensation.

I am 13weeks and I am showing. I will post pics when I can find the battery charger and can charge the camera batteries.

The littles had a nasty cold but they are over it aside from a small cough.

We have been meeting with a homeschool group at the local Boys and Girls club for a gym day. It is an hour of free play. All the girls really enjoy it and it gets us out of the house and moving in this winter season.

Homeschool co-op starts again this week. The bigs are looking forward to it.

 That is really all I have for today. Sorry to be so plain Jane.

I hope you all have a great Monday!!


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  1. HEHEHEHEH!! You must be having a boy then. That’s how I was with Eli. I felt like I was eating constantly. LOL!!! OH, one thing I learned was (if this is even remotely close to what’s happening to you) that if you get that metallic taste in your mouth (like you can taste quarters in everything you eat and drink), drink pickle juice. Something about the acid being off balanced (I don’t remember exactly). But drink something with vinegar in it, it defuses the metallic taste. At least you will know this for future reference as well. Oh and I think it’s normal to show early after you’ve had several babies. At least that’s what the doctors have told me. By the time I was in my last trimester, I thought I was having twins. HEHEHEH!!! Of course, I never really gained weight. It seemed that as the baby grew bigger, I grew smaller. My weight would basically stay the same. (Of course that’s not a problem when you start out pretty big. LOL!!!) The only other thing I can think of is that if you eat anywhere from 80-100 grams of protein a day, it will prevent toxemia. You may have done this, but we did the Bradley Method with the last two. Those classes were extremely beneficial. Nikki (my sister) had toxemia with her first and ended up having an emergency c-section. Her story still makes me cringe. *shudder* Then when she was pregnant with her second one (I was pregnant with our fourth at the same time and we were taking the Bradley classes) I called her the next day after learning this about preventing toxemia. I emailed her a copy of the chart that shows how much protein is in each food. She was excited cause she could eat ice cream, which is her favorite dessert (her husband wouldn’t let her cause he believed that old wives tale), cause it has 8 grams of protein in 1 cup of vanilla ice cream. HEHEHEHE!!! Well, she did so well, that she had a v-back with Tessa and the doctors were amazed at how well she did nutrientally this time around. Well, there’s obviously more to the class than that. It’s just what I share with all pregnant Moms, no matter how many kids they have, just in case. Even the ones who know they’re getting an epidural. I would rather they be in good shape nutritionally and have a better chance of NOT having any problems. Well, I am still thrilled for you. I am looking forward to hearing all of the wonderful stories I’m sure you’ll have to share. Even if they seem bad at the time. HEHEHEHE!!! Have a blessed day!

  2. You are a very smart girl! I am so proud of you for seeking order. I happen to believe that order is a spiritual gift. God is a God of order, afterall. When you create a schedule to keep order for your children, well, I happen to thing God approves mightily. Sounds a lot like the Old Testament. Perhaps that might explain why sometimes your anger burns mightily against your erring children. Hopefully not, but then, I have children so…
    I pray that you laundry is not the disaster of biblical proportions that it would be were I to come help you. I am banned from the laundry room because everyone was tired of pink, too small clothes. =)
    I love you, JoAnn.
    Daddy Hat

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