Recapping yesterday and a little bit of today

Yesterday I was supposed to work at our food co-op but my wonderful friend Pam volunteered to work for me. I wasn’t feeling the greatest and our bank account didn’t have the funds for the gas.

I lounged bummed around the house for most of the day. It felt like I had to work really hard not to get sick. I was successful and I am grateful for that.

During the course of the day I extracted one full roll of toilet paper out of the toilet, and swept up an entire box of rice crispies. This was thanks to little Ace. She is B-U-S-Y!!

Some laundry was accomplished  and Aly cleaned her little sister’s room just to be nice. At the end of the day when Pam delivered our produce she was able to stay for a little visit which totally cheered me up.

Today I got to met Lori and four of her wonderful kids! We met at the coolest cafe in the town I live in. I had no idea it was here and now we have the coolest place to meet and knit on our mom’s night out!! Woo Hoo!

Not to mention it has a wonderful paint your own pottery studio and they offer art classes. I hope to be able to bring the girls in so they can paint something for the new baby. Oh and I had their smoked turkey, roasted red pepper wrap with the tomato basil wrap. It was fantastic!!

Now Emi is napping, the bigs are playing and Ace is getting into things that she shouldn’t. So I will end here.

Oh and we hired a midwife!!!! I am so totally excited because I didn’t think we would be able to have a homebirth this time and now we can.


4 thoughts on “Recapping yesterday and a little bit of today

  1. Yeah, your going to have another baby!!?? How very exciting!!  It made me laugh to hear about your day, as really waht more should a mom be expected to do.  It is truly amazing that we can accomplich anything more than cleaning up the great adventures of out explorative toddlers!  I feel so far away from that place, being back to work, I have this tottally unrealistic expectation of myself having a clean house with everything in order!  PLEASE! Its ridiculous!LOLGood to see you again!

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