My husband came home yesterday without a job.

Not something a pregnant mom really wants to deal with.

This year was supposed to be better than last year. So far it isn’t.

No severence, no savings.

This sucks.




To the people who hired my husband under less than honest pretenses.

When you hire a man you hire his family. We moved from Georgia to Indiana to take this job. Yes, we were in need of a job because unfortunately he had been working for very similar people in Georgia and lost that job. That however does not give you the right to not be clear on who my husband would be working with and that this particular person is a large thorn in the side for several people at the company. It is also dishonest to not let it be known that no matter how much of a jerk this guy is he isn’t going to lose his job because he is worshiped by the dishonest owner of the company. It also would have been a good idea for you to share that you have hired 4 people in the last two years for this position and that the guy before my husband only lasted 45 days before he quit because of the guy that can do no wrong. Knowing things likes this lets us make a complete decision in accepting or declining a job. Then if we take it knowing the challenge we can at least be prepared that it might not work out.

We have settled ourselves into a pretty nice little town. My kids are involved in homeschooling things here. They are developing friendships. We were gifted with a family pass to the children’s museum. Our 9yo is signed up for soccer and our 12 yo was hoping to play volleyball this season. 

Now we don’t know if we  are going to get to stay. Not that you care because you are too busy going on trips with the two guys that worked to get my husband fired. Or you are too busy having your HR guy play up a kid out college by taking him to a professional hockey game and having him stay in a fancy suite in a hotel in Chicago in hopes of hiring him as the new designer of the landscape design department. Forget that you told my dh that you were looking to move him to that position because while my husband doesn’t have a degree, he is a talented designer that has worked all levels of the landscape industry so has far more experience than a kid coming out of college. Oh but that’s right Jorry doesn’t have a piece of paper saying that he knows what he is doing and he doesn’t fit in with those that send their kids skiing to different places, or he doesn’t golf on the weekends or any number of other things that you and your two buddies do.

To the guy that knew my husband was going to lose his job last month:

When my husband asked you outright you tiptoed around the answer and spouted some stuff about “God taking care of things no matter what happens.” Easy for you to say,your wife is a doctor!! YOU HAVE NO CLUE!! You arrogant jerk, take your God talk somewhere else because it isn’t flying here.

Oh and yes the owner is a professed Christian. Truly, as a Christian myself I would really rather you not share those things in your business. Inevitably you kill your witness and damage things for the rest of us. I know you aren’t losing sleep over our situation and that you really don’t care what kind of stress you have placed not only on my husband  but myself and my older girls as well. They know what it is to worry about where we are going to live and weather or not there is going to be money to eat and keep the heat on. They shouldn’t but because of JERKS like you they do. Yep, I hate your guts.

Yes, I am in a low place, I can’t see the forest for the trees. After having my husband  laid off the Friday after I had a baby, then again 5months later and now again after 8months I’m really not sure that God gives a flying flip about where we are.


I found my battery charger this morning!! It was in the bottom drawer of my sewing table. It is a really deep drawer that has a wooden tray on it. I slid the tray back and there was the charger.


I found the charger because I am looking for my cell phone! So far no luck. Really, how do I loose things like this?

Last night was the planning meeting for our homeschool co-op. For those of you that remember I was really not looking forward to participating in this co-op at the beginning of the year. It has actually turned out to be a pretty good thing. Some people are still distant, almost unwilling to get to know me but for the most part the moms are all really nice.

The bonus is the girls really enjoy it.


Many thanks to my friend Old Hat for posting the Comanche names of the months on his blog. The girls will really enjoy reading them and trying to figure out how to pronounce them.


The weather is yucky again and I am supposed to work at the food co-op I am a part of. It has been rainy or bad road weather everyday that I have had to work except one. It’s my last day though. I am hoping that the city has acutally pulled out their snow plows and made the roads as safe to travel as possible. Two weeks ago I got on the loop around the city and it the road hadn’t been touched. I couldn’t believe it! It isn’t like it was a surprise and I know they have plow trucks but there were none on that particular stretch and 2hours later they still weren’t there.

I so don’t like driving in freezing rain conditions.

Ok I am off to eat something else and then get dressed for the day. I will let you know if I ever find my cell phone.

As I was looking for my cell phone the irony of the fact that our unit study is on ORDERLINESS dawned on me.

 I was awake early this morning and so I just laid in bed hoping sleep would come.

I tried praying about some things but I promise I become ADD when I pray in my head and I get no where. I’m pretty sure God was probably chuckling at me after the 5th attempt to get my thoughts out.

Oh well!

I did get to enjoy some sweet baby movements while I was awake. I love the little flutters and can’t wait until the rest of the family can enjoy them with me. For now though I treasure them because they are just between me and this new little babe, our own little conversation so to speak.

We are just going to wing the unit study today. I have a good bit in place but I am really frustrated with it. Jorry was concerned about me being able to homeschool with a new baby coming etc. I know I can do it I just need time to plan without interruption. That is where he comes in.

It was warm enough for the girls to actually go outside yesterday. I know their bodies were grateful for the fresh air. It has been so long since it was nice outside. I of course stayed inside because I am a whimp.

Ace signed please this morning!! It was so cool to see her do it. Now she has the sign for milk,more, please and she has the thumb and first finger for I love you. She can’t quite get the pinky up yet. It is so precious when she does it though.

I leave you with pictures of the girls in their drum circle yesterday.

DSC05814DSC05813    DSC05815


Well, the attempt at the unit study went a lot better than I had expected. Aly also responded to her math assignment really well. I had her do one worksheet of multiplication and then I told her that I wanted her to create an artistic poster using that times table. She started it and I think it will help with memorization plus it gives her an artistic outlet. She was open to it and I am anxious to see how it turns out.

They both asked if I was going to be giving them a test on this unit. I told them no and they were disappointed. So I will be creating one at the end I guess just to satisfy their desire. Remember they are asking for this, this is by no means my choice. Last night when I was still trying to put this stuff together I was ready to throw the stuff out the window.

We covered the history of the calendar, talked about how people knew when to plant, store up etc before the calendar came about,answered some questions on a worksheet I created, read about where the names of the months came from . CC was dying to write a poem so she did and Aly wanted to look up the Greek goddess Juno since that is who the month of June is named for.

So it was relaxed and they had fun and I didn’t add anymore gray hair.

Tomorrow we have a cool book to read about the seasons and different Native American tribes. Then they will work on renaming the months. I wonder what they will come up with??

The tale of two tags

I was tagged by livefreeinharmony and Journeyof7


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J- Just a Mommy

O-original design–there is no one like me. This of course is a good thing.

A-amazing–so says my 12yo (today)


N-never done with laundry!


This was really a lot harder than I thought at first. That is a pretty sad omission. Anyhooo I tag




And anyone else who would like to play!

Ack!! How in the world to you homeschooling moms with large families put together your own unit studies?


I also don’t have any money to go out and buy ready made ones and the ones online that I have found haven’t hit the age range I need.

I am borrowing a friends Konos book and our library had NONE of the books listed save one. Then as I was going through their book list I noticed that there were very few that were geared past the 2grade mark. Also the activity ideas are geared toward younger ages. My bigs will be more bored than they already are.

And for those of you who are scratching your head and saying “I thought she unschooled?” I do but my older girls are asking for structure. As in “I want to do school, I want to do projects.” I already tried the go ahead and find what you want to do approach. They want me to direct this. <sigh>

I don’t think it would be that difficult if I had an hour or so each day for the next week to just put it together.

The littles are up at 7:30am and on the go. Nap time only happens for Ace so I have to entertain Emi.

Night time would work except if I stay up the bigs want to have me focus on them becuase they are up.

Right now the hours between 3am and 7am seem to be the only time someone doesn’t need me and that isn’t a guarantee.

Ok vent over.

Belly Time

Now that we have batteries in the camera I had Aly take some belly shots for me.

Family Jan-Feb '08 031

Family Jan-Feb '08 033


I am 16weeks and umm some odd days. These were taken Thursday. Notice the before and after haircut. It feels better to have my hair cut. It forces me to fix it daily instead of just putting it up in a pony tail.

Nights are better. I am up longer than I had been at the beginning the pregnancy. Next month is our ultra sound. Anyone have any vibes/guesses on what we are having?

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

A Super Quick Entry

I gave up on finding the charger for now. It will just have to show up when I least expect it. For now we are using the energizer lithium batteries that I found at the bottom of the vans console this weekend. Pictures will follow in another post.

We are falling into some routines around here and it feels really good. I don’t feel so overwhelmed and attitudes all around are improving.

I am staying off the computer as well. That is hard to do for this message board mama. I can’t deny though, things just go better when I am focused here and now and not in cyber space. I plan on blogging more when I feel better at night. Right now I usually drift off to sleep after putting Ace to bed. Late nights were my blogging time  and right now they are my baby growing time.

It’s cold here and I really have grown tired of layers. I am anxious for spring and warmer days.

Ok off to make some lunch for the littles and I. Cheese quesadias with refried beans and salsa. Yummm!!

I still can’t find the charger. I looked under all the livingroom furniture and behind the couch. We did find the charger to the baby monitor behind the couch and a ton of other things. It was like Christmas! LOL So today I am going to go through the second closet in the bedroom and look under our bed again. It HAS to be here in the house. I clearly remember finding it in the moses basket in the top of the closet. I took it out and for the life of me can’t remember where I put it. I am sure this is a boring saga but I need to take pictures!!

My father in law came down for a short visit. He brought a cooler of venison for us. It is soo nice to have a freezer full of meat. We had our first roast last night and it was wonderful. Not gamey at all. Today I will add some veggies and pasta to the broth that was created last night for a yummy soup. Gotta stretch that food budget any way we can.

The bigs went to an indoor rock climbing facility yesterday and had a blast. I have to say I thought it was a pretty cool place and think it will be a great daddy daughter date place.

Storms rolled through last night so everyone slept in our room. The lightening was intensed.

The laundry is calling and I have no where to be today so I will hopefully get that caught up.

The living room has exploded around me and I need to shower and get going for the day.

Enjoy your Wednesday!!



I cannot for the life of me find the battery charger so I can recharge the batteries for the camera.

I am also finding it hard to have time to blog and I really, really want to. I go to sleep at night thinking “I could have blogged about that.”

Could you send prayers and/or locating vibes for the charger? I miss taking pictures and sharing our days here.

Let’s see I will do a kiddo update and add some older pics.


AlyDSC05543 DSC05535 DSC05540

  • Fast approaching 13…could someone slow time please??
  • Loves to draw
  • Is starting to share her feelings with us instead of stuffing them in.
  • Up late, sleeps late.
  • 5’1″ only 3″ shorter than me!
  • Has started taking care of her room on a regular basis.
  • Loves photography.. the ones above are her selfportraits.
  • Is finally making some friends in our homeschool group.
  • Wants a brother…good luck

CCdec DSC04504 DSC03969

  • Loves to cook.
  • Takes after her mom in the height department.
  • Loves to read Magic Tree House books.
  • Hates being cooped up in the winter.
  • Likes to play dodge ball.
  • Practices soccer skills in the house.
  • Loves her American girl dolls.
  • Would eat pizza everyday.
  • Wants a brother…see above.

EmiDSC05381 DSC05227 DSC05236

  • Is 3yo!
  • Is no longer nursing as of 2weeks ago.
  • Loves to cuddle.
  • Nurses her babies.
  • Thinks I need company in the bathroom.
  • Loves to dance.
  • Is a Blue’s Clues fan.
  • Loves all of her sisters immensely.
  • Does NOT want another baby to come to the house.

Acedec DSC04378 DSC04541

  • Almost 15months old.
  • Has started eating everything in site except cottage cheese.
  • Wakes up with a smile everyday.
  • Is the happiest baby we have ever had.
  • Says daddy but not mama.
  • Still puts everything in her mouth.
  • Loves to dance.
  • Is still nursing.
  • Has no opinion about the baby.