I cannot for the life of me find the battery charger so I can recharge the batteries for the camera.

I am also finding it hard to have time to blog and I really, really want to. I go to sleep at night thinking “I could have blogged about that.”

Could you send prayers and/or locating vibes for the charger? I miss taking pictures and sharing our days here.

Let’s see I will do a kiddo update and add some older pics.


AlyDSC05543 DSC05535 DSC05540

  • Fast approaching 13…could someone slow time please??
  • Loves to draw
  • Is starting to share her feelings with us instead of stuffing them in.
  • Up late, sleeps late.
  • 5’1″ only 3″ shorter than me!
  • Has started taking care of her room on a regular basis.
  • Loves photography.. the ones above are her selfportraits.
  • Is finally making some friends in our homeschool group.
  • Wants a brother…good luck

CCdec DSC04504 DSC03969

  • Loves to cook.
  • Takes after her mom in the height department.
  • Loves to read Magic Tree House books.
  • Hates being cooped up in the winter.
  • Likes to play dodge ball.
  • Practices soccer skills in the house.
  • Loves her American girl dolls.
  • Would eat pizza everyday.
  • Wants a brother…see above.

EmiDSC05381 DSC05227 DSC05236

  • Is 3yo!
  • Is no longer nursing as of 2weeks ago.
  • Loves to cuddle.
  • Nurses her babies.
  • Thinks I need company in the bathroom.
  • Loves to dance.
  • Is a Blue’s Clues fan.
  • Loves all of her sisters immensely.
  • Does NOT want another baby to come to the house.

Acedec DSC04378 DSC04541

  • Almost 15months old.
  • Has started eating everything in site except cottage cheese.
  • Wakes up with a smile everyday.
  • Is the happiest baby we have ever had.
  • Says daddy but not mama.
  • Still puts everything in her mouth.
  • Loves to dance.
  • Is still nursing.
  • Has no opinion about the baby.

8 thoughts on “

  1. The self potraits are awesome!  Love all the updates!!  Don’t you wish our cameras, cell phones, cordless phones and keys all came with a homing device?  Anything we own really, that would be so cool.  We wouldn’t have to worry so much about losing things and we could home-in our children anytime they were away 🙂  Or our spouses for that matter.  Maybe we could invent that….I’m sure someones already working on it and I’ll never be able to afford it.  I miss you Xanga friends!  How’s the pregnancy going and how are you feeling?

  2. Wow all Girls? I have three girls and one boy! My oldest is thirteen. I noticed a big change in her but it was a good one! Your children are beautiful!Danette

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