I still can’t find the charger. I looked under all the livingroom furniture and behind the couch. We did find the charger to the baby monitor behind the couch and a ton of other things. It was like Christmas! LOL So today I am going to go through the second closet in the bedroom and look under our bed again. It HAS to be here in the house. I clearly remember finding it in the moses basket in the top of the closet. I took it out and for the life of me can’t remember where I put it. I am sure this is a boring saga but I need to take pictures!!

My father in law came down for a short visit. He brought a cooler of venison for us. It is soo nice to have a freezer full of meat. We had our first roast last night and it was wonderful. Not gamey at all. Today I will add some veggies and pasta to the broth that was created last night for a yummy soup. Gotta stretch that food budget any way we can.

The bigs went to an indoor rock climbing facility yesterday and had a blast. I have to say I thought it was a pretty cool place and think it will be a great daddy daughter date place.

Storms rolled through last night so everyone slept in our room. The lightening was intensed.

The laundry is calling and I have no where to be today so I will hopefully get that caught up.

The living room has exploded around me and I need to shower and get going for the day.

Enjoy your Wednesday!!



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  1. Don’t ya just hate when you put something “away” so you can find it, only to not be able to find it again?  I do that all the time.  Not sure if it’s the age, or the number of kids, but I have trouble remembering those kinds of things….  Have a great day!  ~Lori

  2. You’re posts are so like reading my life just somewhere else!  I’m praying you find your charger today!!  Or very very soon.  It will turn up things like that always do.  Laundry is calling me too, it called me yesterday too but I ignored it.  Most of it clean just huge pile of mounting clean clothes to fold and put away…fun….maybe today but sure I won’t get through all of it….it’ll still be there tomorrow when I’ll have more time 🙂  Cute pic!

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