A Super Quick Entry

I gave up on finding the charger for now. It will just have to show up when I least expect it. For now we are using the energizer lithium batteries that I found at the bottom of the vans console this weekend. Pictures will follow in another post.

We are falling into some routines around here and it feels really good. I don’t feel so overwhelmed and attitudes all around are improving.

I am staying off the computer as well. That is hard to do for this message board mama. I can’t deny though, things just go better when I am focused here and now and not in cyber space. I plan on blogging more when I feel better at night. Right now I usually drift off to sleep after putting Ace to bed. Late nights were my blogging time  and right now they are my baby growing time.

It’s cold here and I really have grown tired of layers. I am anxious for spring and warmer days.

Ok off to make some lunch for the littles and I. Cheese quesadias with refried beans and salsa. Yummm!!


4 thoughts on “A Super Quick Entry

  1. I’ve missed you around here!!!!  Glad things are okay & you’re just cutting back.
    I’m sooooo tired of this weather!  It was even colder in Chicago over the weekend.  I thought it was supposed to warm up here, but nooooooo….    Ah, well… at least the sun is shining today….
    RYC:  I’ll let Darci know, but I imagine they’re okay…. Mike takes pretty good care of her!  (Of course, not as good as *I* could.  ) 
    Lunch sounds yummy…. now I must go eat!  Take care!  ~Lori

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