Ack!! How in the world to you homeschooling moms with large families put together your own unit studies?


I also don’t have any money to go out and buy ready made ones and the ones online that I have found haven’t hit the age range I need.

I am borrowing a friends Konos book and our library had NONE of the books listed save one. Then as I was going through their book list I noticed that there were very few that were geared past the 2grade mark. Also the activity ideas are geared toward younger ages. My bigs will be more bored than they already are.

And for those of you who are scratching your head and saying “I thought she unschooled?” I do but my older girls are asking for structure. As in “I want to do school, I want to do projects.” I already tried the go ahead and find what you want to do approach. They want me to direct this. <sigh>

I don’t think it would be that difficult if I had an hour or so each day for the next week to just put it together.

The littles are up at 7:30am and on the go. Nap time only happens for Ace so I have to entertain Emi.

Night time would work except if I stay up the bigs want to have me focus on them becuase they are up.

Right now the hours between 3am and 7am seem to be the only time someone doesn’t need me and that isn’t a guarantee.

Ok vent over.

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  1. Jo,
    It’s not easy to put it together, but you can do it. KONOS-our librrary NEVER has the books available and if I inerlibrary loan, it costs me 2 dollars a book to get it shipped here.
    Google your topic. Look for links. abcteach has TONS of worksheets, homeschoolestore may have flap books you like, inthehands of a child has a few great ones…………..
    If you are going to use KONOS, forget their list of books, Just get what your library offers,  and look for Williamson Kids Can craft books on the topic at and then borrow those. I get a LOT of craft book ideas from and then I borrow them. Sometimes, if it’s a great book(like the weather forecasting book) I’ll invest in it.
    We unschool too, but it’s leaving gaps and I see that the structure is improving behaviors and attitude here. I still give them plenty of time to explore on their own-a KONOS unit takes us 3 times as long as they recommend. But we’re definitely doing math and language arts/grammar in a more structured way.
    Check out our homeschooling blog-ahomeschooledfamily-here on xanga. We go back about 2 years there I think.

  2. Well, I don’t know about all of that other stuff. We have structured mainly for my sanity. LOL!!! Of course, with my oldest being 7, structure is needed for my small children. What grades are your bigs’ in? My Mom gave me a lot of the text books we used when we were homeschooling. So, I now have most of the Saxon math books (the homeschooling edition ones). If I have the ones for the bigs’ ages, I don’t mind scanning the pages and emailing them to you. Well, anyway, let me know what grades you’re looking for, I may have it in other subjects as well. One suggestion I had was, why not spend one day a week putting together that weeks’ school work? Let your girls know that this is Mommy’s time to organize their school work. Plus it won’t take away too much time away from them during the week. That’s what I have to do sometimes or wait till they are all in bed and do it the night before for the next day. (I don’t recommend that…LOL!!!) With my kids still be little, structure is absolutely needed. I knew once they got older then things would relax a bit; not that it’s terribly strict now. Well, I hope this helps. Like I said, if I have something for you to use, I don’t mind emailing the stuff. Ok, gotta run. My follow up appointment is today with my doctor. Gotta get ready! Love ya!

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