I was awake early this morning and so I just laid in bed hoping sleep would come.

I tried praying about some things but I promise I become ADD when I pray in my head and I get no where. I’m pretty sure God was probably chuckling at me after the 5th attempt to get my thoughts out.

Oh well!

I did get to enjoy some sweet baby movements while I was awake. I love the little flutters and can’t wait until the rest of the family can enjoy them with me. For now though I treasure them because they are just between me and this new little babe, our own little conversation so to speak.

We are just going to wing the unit study today. I have a good bit in place but I am really frustrated with it. Jorry was concerned about me being able to homeschool with a new baby coming etc. I know I can do it I just need time to plan without interruption. That is where he comes in.

It was warm enough for the girls to actually go outside yesterday. I know their bodies were grateful for the fresh air. It has been so long since it was nice outside. I of course stayed inside because I am a whimp.

Ace signed please this morning!! It was so cool to see her do it. Now she has the sign for milk,more, please and she has the thumb and first finger for I love you. She can’t quite get the pinky up yet. It is so precious when she does it though.

I leave you with pictures of the girls in their drum circle yesterday.

DSC05814DSC05813    DSC05815


Well, the attempt at the unit study went a lot better than I had expected. Aly also responded to her math assignment really well. I had her do one worksheet of multiplication and then I told her that I wanted her to create an artistic poster using that times table. She started it and I think it will help with memorization plus it gives her an artistic outlet. She was open to it and I am anxious to see how it turns out.

They both asked if I was going to be giving them a test on this unit. I told them no and they were disappointed. So I will be creating one at the end I guess just to satisfy their desire. Remember they are asking for this, this is by no means my choice. Last night when I was still trying to put this stuff together I was ready to throw the stuff out the window.

We covered the history of the calendar, talked about how people knew when to plant, store up etc before the calendar came about,answered some questions on a worksheet I created, read about where the names of the months came from . CC was dying to write a poem so she did and Aly wanted to look up the Greek goddess Juno since that is who the month of June is named for.

So it was relaxed and they had fun and I didn’t add anymore gray hair.

Tomorrow we have a cool book to read about the seasons and different Native American tribes. Then they will work on renaming the months. I wonder what they will come up with??


3 thoughts on “

  1. I think Aly looks just like you!  Yay Ace!
    We were in & out yesterday… all the running around we did.  The T’s have been wanting to play in the snow, but the back yard is a mess, & I’ve been gone so much, they can’t play in the front.  I’m just ready for all of it to be gone & I heard we’re supposed to get 2 – 4 more inches tonight.    Have a great day! ~ Lori

  2. I am so proud of you, JoAnn. You are doing such a wonderful job with your girls. Keep it up. They are an excellent investment. I posted the names of the months in the Comanche language on my page for you. Thought it might be amusing for your girls. 🙂
    You are wrapped up in my thoughts and prayers.
    Daddy Hat

  3. RYC: You are blessed to already have the necessary garments. I had a few, but lost them with our house fire last year. I’m replacing cloth diapers, the garments in question and receiving blankets too. It’s hard to believe that we didn’t lose EVERYTHING but what we did lose is still hurting us. 😦
    Keep it up on the unit studies! We’re working them back in this week after we’re getting settled into the daily basics of math and LA. SLow work, but we’ll get back to a good day too.
    We use sign too! Wedge really doesn’t like to use it much, but Scar REALLY loved using it and still pops up with a sign even though he speaks so much mroe clearly for us now. Have you ever seen or used Signing Times? We LOVE those DVDs!

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