I found my battery charger this morning!! It was in the bottom drawer of my sewing table. It is a really deep drawer that has a wooden tray on it. I slid the tray back and there was the charger.


I found the charger because I am looking for my cell phone! So far no luck. Really, how do I loose things like this?

Last night was the planning meeting for our homeschool co-op. For those of you that remember I was really not looking forward to participating in this co-op at the beginning of the year. It has actually turned out to be a pretty good thing. Some people are still distant, almost unwilling to get to know me but for the most part the moms are all really nice.

The bonus is the girls really enjoy it.


Many thanks to my friend Old Hat for posting the Comanche names of the months on his blog. The girls will really enjoy reading them and trying to figure out how to pronounce them.


The weather is yucky again and I am supposed to work at the food co-op I am a part of. It has been rainy or bad road weather everyday that I have had to work except one. It’s my last day though. I am hoping that the city has acutally pulled out their snow plows and made the roads as safe to travel as possible. Two weeks ago I got on the loop around the city and it the road hadn’t been touched. I couldn’t believe it! It isn’t like it was a surprise and I know they have plow trucks but there were none on that particular stretch and 2hours later they still weren’t there.

I so don’t like driving in freezing rain conditions.

Ok I am off to eat something else and then get dressed for the day. I will let you know if I ever find my cell phone.

As I was looking for my cell phone the irony of the fact that our unit study is on ORDERLINESS dawned on me.

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  1. Yay for finding the charger!  Boo for losing the cell phone…
    Can you give me some info on the food co-op?  I’ve been reading about them a little bit online, & contemplating…..  Is it expensive?  Worth it?
    Just so you know, I heard after the last “storm”, Indy was out of road salt.  Not sure what they’ll do now…. hopefully, it won’t be too bad!

  2. That’s too funny! I pray you find your phone though, that is frustrating. Especially when calling it doesn’t even work (can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that). Good luck with the rest of the school year. I’m sure it will turn out to be a success. Have a blessed day!

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