To Whom it May Concern:


I would like a day off.



The moody pregnant one.


Two positive posts in a row

He had a job interview today and it went fantastic!!!

Monday at 10am is the official offer. It’s local and it is so much of what he needs. Finally someone has seen that he has talent and that he knows his stuff.

My awesome big little brother and his awesome girlfriend are here. They babysat the kids while we went out on a date courtesy of him.

The last time we went out on a date was ummm, yeah it’s been years. I promise that is not an exageration. It was nice to sit and eat without having to share and to talk without distraction.

We ate too much and had plenty to bring home to share.

A check came in the mail for us today and one came in the mail Thursday as well.

Friends are still supplying us with produce and this week we will have homemade bread in our food box.

It has been a long 3weeks.

Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts. I appreciate that you all didn’t bail during my negativity.

Be blessed for you are all a blessing to me!!

Drum roll please……………
















Heaven help me I am out of names!!


She is healthy and growing well.

Her oldest big sister is excited

Her second oldest sister will likely try to find a boy we can adopt.

Dad is already planning his sound proof room.

My to do list didn’t quite get done. I took jessyjam’s advice and let some of it slide. I had to because when I got started I realized that I was really wiped out from being sick.

So I got some laundry done and our bedroom is almost clean. The kitchen was worked on and the bigs got the living room picked up. The living room shouldn’t really be on the list though, it is an everyday thing.

Our ultrasound is today. I will either update this afternoon when I get back or tomorrow.

No call from Utah.

A call back from the local company he had two interviews with.

“I’m sorry to inform you that you are overqualified for the position.”

The Oregon people just disappeared. He emailed the first guy he talked to and he called back but nothing since then.

It would just be nice if either company(Utah included) would just call to say thanks but we went another direction. It would stink but it wouldn’t leave us wondering.

He has an interview Friday with a landscaping company here in town. They weren’t hiring, he just sent his resume in and the owner wants to meet with him.

We really need something to happen because he is starting to hit the depressed phase.

He applied for more jobs on line last night. He has tons of resumes out across the country and not just his is field.

We finally qualified for food stamps. We will have those next week sometime.

My brother will be here sometime on Thrusday so I have time to accomplish some more things on my list. I am feeling stronger today but I will still not over do it.

I think it should be a rule that moms can’t get stomach viruses. I came home from our appointment yesterday not feeling well. Went to bed and was there until this morning. Got sick once and didn’t start feeling better until 5am.

No ultrasound yesterday. It is tomorrow at 3:30pm

No call from Utah. I think he will call in a couple of hours just to touch base.

I have a boat load of things to do today because I misread my calendar. I thought next weekend was Easter and that would mean my brother was coming next week Wed. Well Easter is THIS weekend(duh) and he will be here tomorrow sometime or Thursday. Either way I have a boat load of things to get done before he gets here.


  • Clean kitchen
  • Mop kitchen floor
  • Laundry
  • Clean living room
  • Scrub both bathrooms
  • Clean our bedroom
  • Vacuum
  • Put away Christmas decorations that are still on the mantle—yeah I know it’s March
  • Clean and organize the bedroom closet.
  • Sweep and mop laundry room

Wish me luck!!

Yesterday was interesting.

We were all moody and the bigs wound up yelling at each other. Not an often common occurence but I knew it was going to happen because we all just felt blah.

I was zoned, Jorry was sick and we were just blah.

Then close to 5pm the phone rings and it is an out of state call.

They ask for Jorry and he talks with this guy for over an hour.

During that hour this is what happened with me:

The older kids were outside playing and Ace wanted to as well. I had to convince her that playing inside with mommy was way more fun and she bought it for a little while. Emi came back in and started playing with us. Then the bigs stormed in and were mad at each other. CC explains to me that Aly gets mad at her because she can’t pitch the softball as well as Aly would like. My response was “It’s hard to play with someone who is critical. The way I see it you have 3 choices. 1. Play with her knowing how she is and learn to ignore it. 2. Let her know ahead of time that you do the best you can, you don’t like the negative comments and if they continue then you will have to quit playing. 3. Don’t play with her at all.

As I was ending my great motherly insight lecture Emi says in a very desperate voice “Mommy I CAN”T read a book because I am going to grow-up on the floor. Translation of grow-up is THROW UP!! And she was right! I jumped up so fast that I walked out of my slippers, grabbed her and got her to the bathroom. But, not before she sprayed the carpet, part of the toy basket and the floor of the bathroom. I almost slipped and fell but recovered quite nicely for a 5month pregnant woman carrying a 30lb toddler.

Meanwhile Ace is crying and will not be consoled by CC. So while getting Emi clean clothes I have CC take Ace to Aly’s room thinking a change of scenery will help. Nope, I can hear them trying to entertain her while she is crying. Jorry is still on the phone.

I am steadily getting the mess cleaned up and realize that the bottom of my jeans are wet and I realize why and become grossed out and promptly remove them. Of course I can’t find any other pants at the moment so I finish my job and am getting the rest of the floor cleaned up when my husband comes out of the bedroom. I’m thinking to myself that I am thankful for the miniblinds on the back windows and that the conversation had better at least offer a small hope for a job. After my last hour of mothering I need something positive!

So the call was from a company in Utah. Jorry thought it went well. The guy that called was just coming to the office to pick up some things and he saw Jorry’s resume and decided to call him. It sounds like there might be a chance of a follow up interview call. He did tell Jorry that they are interviewing a local guy today but felt that Jorry was more qualified for the position. He asked Jorry where he needed to be salary wise and also mentioned moving expenses. He will call back today and let Jorry know either way about the job.

I spent a lot of time online last night looking at rental homes and reading about the area. If we have to move I wouldn’t mind moving there, even though they get a lot more snow than we do here. So I am anxious for the phone call today and I am trying not to get my hopes up but last night was the first time since all of this happened that I felt optimistic about the opportunity.

I am now off to wake Jorry up for little duty so I can get ready for my appointment with my back up OB. I have to meet him and I am hoping beyond all hope that he will schedule my U/S for today since it is a 2hour trip one way. Prayers and thoughts for both the job and for being able to have an ultrasound today would be greatly appreciated!!