Well Jorry made it home safely. I didn’t hear from him all day until about 9:45pm when he called to let me know he was about 2hours away. Then I got another call at about  11:45pm from him asking me to come get him from the rest stop just a couple miles east of town. His car is dead…NOT something we needed now. So now we have to have it towed. I’m not sure if we will just tow it home or tow it to a garage. He said the engine was knocking hard. I am just grateful he was able to get it to the rest stop so that he didn’t have to walk to a phone in last nights freezing rain. I’m also grateful it didn’t happen in Ohio.

The job is a no. I won’t go into details but I am completely fine with that decision.

One person called yesterday from a company in this area so he will call them back today. Plus he needs to check his email to see if anyone else has tried to contact him.

Yesterday I got the produce that was gifted to us. It is wonderful to see all that food. I made zucchini bread, boiled up potatos for tonights supper and cooked three really large yams, mashed them and put them in the freezer. But not before the littles both had almost two bowls each. They are my non-picky eaters. Oh and this morning Emi and I are eating oatmeal that was donated as well. I need to give my milk supply a boost.

The ice yesterday was insane. We drove 10miles per hour for about 15miles. There were three accidents on the side of the road. It looked like everyone involved was ok and that is always good news even if I don’t know the people involved. We made it home with no problems.

I am off to do laundry and get the littles dressed for the day.

Continued prayers and positive thoughts are all coveted.

Why did I even get up this morning??


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  1. Sorry the job itself is a no, but selfishly, I’m glad Ohio was no!  I’m glad you’re okay w/ it!  Yay for all the goodies you’ve been getting!  I was thinking about you yesterday morning & thought about calling, then you posted….so I didn’t.  I’m serious… if you need something, call me! 
    Fortunately, I didn’t have to be out yesterday…. just walked out to the mailbox & thought that was plenty.

  2. Well, so glad that Jorry made it home safely. Will continue praying. Praise God for meeting your needs. He is so awesome that way! It’s like little “happies” to say, “I’ve got you covered.” It’s times like these I wished I was closer to help out. However, I’m so glad for the wonderful people who already are. Well, I hope you have a wonderful day. God is definitely moving on yall’s behalfs. How fantastic is that?!? Keep walking it out. I think you’re doing better than you realize. Love you so much! Have a blessed day! -Alicia

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