We can’t get expidited food stamps because our rent check hadn’t cleared. So now we have to wait until the 18th for an appointment and bring in all manner of things like title’s to our vehicles, bank statements etc. Not sure how long after that it will take before we actually get help, if we aren’t disqualified because of something. If I had waited one more day for the check to clear this wouldn’t be an issue.

We don’t qualify for any assistance with our utilities because the programs either go by your last 90 days of pay or last years taxes. Last year and the last 90 days aren’t my concern..that money is gone and it won’t pay the bill.

No other calls for a job.

Have to get the car towed today.

Yep things are really working out for us!


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  1. When I read this post I saw the word “Indiana” then 2-3weeks(I think weeks,maybe months? No,we will say weeks!!)
    I know when children are involved that utility companies cannot turn off the heat/water.(at least here in PA where my SIL couldn’t pay her bills for a while)
    Yesterday a friend of mine also found out free phones(land line)are given when children are in a house in case of emergency (she got one)and the parents can’t afford it.This has to be avavliale in more areas,she said it was not advertised,someone just told her.(I feel I am ment to tell you)
    You will get through this and your DH will find another job. It sucks hearing it from someone who is not going though it,but I have been very,very poor and I didn’t have kids so I know  its a million times more stressful for you. Your family will be ok!

  2. Are you kidding me? I thought Mississippi was bad. ARGH!!! Man, this is really frustrating me for you. I can only imagine you being at your wits end. I agree with your friend, this does not make any sense. Even with all of your kids? Man, what is wrong with people? What about WIC? Do yall even have WIC in your area? You’re pregnant, so you should automatically qualify. I’ll keep praying and brainstorming. I know one will at least work (typically the prayer). HEHEHEH!!! I love you dearly.

  3. Oh mama…I’m so sorry things are so tough right now. Be gentle with yourself. I try to remember that my stressing doesn’t will a situation to change. It’s so hard. my thoughts are with you….((HUGS))

  4. Hilltop Neighborhood House
    Village Food Pantry
    Located behind Union Community Church at 605 Monroe Street
    (approach from gravel drive on Brown Street)
    Hours:  Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday mornings from 9 am to 12 noon
    For more information, call 531-1991.
     Food Pantry:
    Jelly, Peanut Butter, Spaghetti Sauce, Spaghetti noodles, margarine, milk, fruit juice, ground beef, hot dogs, cereal (hot and cold), canned fruit, cheese slices, tuna, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers
    (Located in Indiana…not sure how far from you guys).
    The Emergency Assistance Program provides temporary financial assistance with rent, mortgage, utilities, food, medication or other necessities for Porter County households that have had an emergency-related financial loss. (Maybe they branch out beyond Porter County if that isn’t where you are located? Just a shot I guess.)

  5. I’m sorry your having such a stressful time right now.  WIC services are great!  They’ve helped me out at least with the basics.  Try not to stress to hard for that little one in the oven! My thoughts and wishes are being set your way

  6. we’ve been right where you are. when Ben got laid off from chrysler we had all this same run around. I will never understand why they consider what you made last year and the last 90 days. The reason help is needed is not because of last year. It doesn’t make any sense and is very frustrating I know. {{{big hugs}}}
    very pretty profile song by the way…

  7. This is the first time I’ve read your blog and I can’t remember how I linked to it but I wanted to tell you that I know where you’re coming from and the discouragement that comes with it. Here is one thing we were told to do by our local WIC office – call your area churches. That’s what they’re there for. They have special funds to help people in their community (even non-members) pay their utility bills. I would just make a list and start calling. My prayers are with you.

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