Today marks the last paycheck. Did I mention that there are problems with the unemployment process? I shouldn’t be surprised, it falls in line with everything else that has happened.

I am calling WIC today. I know they are helpful, I just don’t feel like walking through their hoops. They used to do lead testing and I don’t feel like taking the littles in to get stuck. I guess I am just exhausted from all the stress.

Some pictures because there isn’t anything else to say.








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  1. Cute babes. So sorry things are not going well. Definitely get WIC. At least you’ll know you have some staples coming in. It is a pain, but now is the time. I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

  2. Hi there – I came across your site through the Birth Works blogring.  We are expecting our 4th and planning another homebirth.  I’m looking to meet some other crunchy like-minded moms.  I’ll add you to my protected list in case you want to come over. 🙂

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