Snow drifts, static electricity and belly shots

We woke up to this at our front door.



We had fun with a balloon and Ace’s hair.



Late night belly shots

Almost 20weeks!


Emi wanted a belly shot.


My favorite picture of the day.


The girls played out in the snow yesterday. I didn’t get any pictures because it was just too cold to go out and Aly had swiped my waterproof shoes.

As usual the house has fallen apart over the weekend so I will be working on getting it picked up. We have friends coming over tomorrow for a visit.

Have a great Sunday everyone!



7 thoughts on “Snow drifts, static electricity and belly shots

  1. Love the photos! We actually got snow as well and the kids had a ball playing in it. It’s always nice to have a little “happy” from God to brighten our day. I too will be cleaning and putting our house in order. So, in a sense, we’re working together. LOL!! Man I need sleep. HEHEHEHE!!! Enjoy your Sunday and have a blessed day!

  2. The belly shots are adorable!!! Hang a dark sheet behind you(black would be best) and take black and white pics and see how pro they will look!
    I  sent job getting vibes for the job-frustrating I got a MAYBE when I asked if he gets it,they aren’t being too helpful today!LOL!

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