Does anyone know anything about Bend, Oregon?

We have looked at it online but nothing beats a personal opinion.

I am to the point that I think we should just sell what we can, store the things that can’t/won’t be sold and find an RV to drive out there and get a job. I mean it can’t be worse than the situation we are in now.


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  1. Hi! You had left a message at my site about Oregon. I have driven through Bend a number of times, and I live in Springfield right now which is closer to the coast on the west side of Oregon — but we have never moved from one state to another, or from one city to another without having a job and some sort of housing set up before we headed onward. Bend is a beautiful and growing city, but I don’t know about its infrastructure for helping with folks trying to get a job and housing. Do you know any family? Have you contacted any help  out here? Do you have children? What are their ages and schoooling? What interests you about Bend and why would you move there? Is it for a fresh start or because it’s a great name or… I’m just brand new and haven’t read your other blog entries yet.
    Hope this helps a little more. Oregon’s a great, great place to live, I hope you find the answers you need.

  2. I grew up in Seattle and have been in Oregon a lot, including passing through Bend.  I absolutely the love the beauty of the northwest and the job market always seems to be great in that area.  Not sure where you live now or what type of work your husband is looking for though.
    Love your belly shot below!  Is this #5 for you?  I haven’t taken any pics yet.  It is our 4th.  So are you due in late July?  I’m just 15 weeks, due the end of Aug.

  3. My knowledge of Oregon, much less Bend, is non-existent. What I do know is, there are jobs available in the southern Alabama area. Heck, they’re hiring here in my area…Tupelo. Not that you want to be back in Mississippi. I’ll keep an ear out for anything more for Jorry’s cup of tea. Hang in there. “Hold on to the unseen.”

  4. I am thinking about you guys… I don’t know much about bend but heck I am in california and its just perfect… California is such a wonderful place to live and I bet your hubby could find a job here.

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