So we probably won’t sell everything and move without housing or a job in place but at this point you begin to think of anything that might improve your situation or at least change the scenery.

Sorry Alecia but Alabama is not on the list of choices. I like my homeschooling freedoms. Mississippi is low on the list too because no one pays well in my husbands industry and there isn’t anything to do for homeschoolers. I speak from experience….at least in the area that we lived in. Inspite of that though we have resumes in on the coast. Oh and we did get one call from a company in Jackson but it was a no.

Jorry is at his second interview. They are interviewing two other applicants besides him and possibly more so we won’t know anything today.

We will pick up all of our donated produce today. We will also have meat and some dairy to pick up as well. All of this is thanks to generous people in our food co-op.

We managed to stay ahead of a shut off from our electric company. We got some from the Salvation Army and the rest came from a mom on my mothering board. The gas company made payment arrangements with us but I am worried about that now that we won’t be getting any unemployment.

My husband has 35 resumes out right now. He is so discouraged because not even Walmart is calling.At least that would be some income. More resumes will go out today. Oh and he has made follow up calls with almost all of them. That will continue today.

The kids are still plugging along inspite of their moody parents.

A snowman family


Complete with a family dog


Destruction of the snow family

(yes they are in shorts and Aly is wearing flipflops)

DSC05969 DSC05966 DSC05965

She is growing so fast!!


She found my lipstick and when I asked her what it was she said it was chapstick.

I just smiled and handed her a cloth to wipe it off and then found the real chapstick for her.




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  1. If you like cold,consider western PA! Its very afforadable,we are comfortable on 1 salary and houses are cheaper than other areas. We have a great homeschooling community and tons of museums and surprising cool things! I don’t live in the city of Pittsburgh,but many of my friends do and its very cheap.

  2. I’m glad the snow didn’t hang around long….  Ours is almost completely gone!  Warm weather this week…. Wootness!!!!  Hopefully, something will pop up close by pretty quickly.  Have ya’ll thought about Shelbyville?  It shouldn’t be any farther than driving to Indy….  I know there’s a Knauf…. something… down there, right off of SR 9. 
    RYC:  Are you thinking during the day or evening?  Wed. (19th) is pretty much out… chiro & ortho appt’s, unless you’re thinking evening.  I can do pretty much any other day, or any evening after 6:30.  Just let me know….. & I’m always available to listen, if that’s what you need.  {{{{HUGS}}}}  ~Lori
    P.S.  I *guess*…. if you really need help, I’ll come help you w/ your windows…… 

  3. Whew! I’m so glad you wouldn’t really sell it all and just move. LOL. It’s tempting, I know. Oregon is really very gorgeous and while Bend is indeed not coastal, it’s a pretty town and growing fast. I myself am rather partial to the Eugene and Springfield area because we’re just 30 minutes from the mountains and an hour from the ocean. We get a little bit of snow for a few days in January and February, we get plenty of rain and our summers are hot and sunny. It’s unbelievably pretty in so many ways. I don’t know what the homeschooling community is like but my neighbor’s children who are my age are homeschooling their kids and seem to have great support.
    I’m going to keep you all in my prayers.

  4. That’s ok JoAnn. I agree with you about Mississippi. I personally didn’t have a choice in the matter of moving here. The only plus side I’ve had are the homeschooling laws. Plus, we are lucky to be in an area where there is plenty to do for homeschoolers. There is a great homeschooling group at our church even. I honestly don’t know how some of those Moms do all of it. LOL!!!Still praying…above all I want God’s best for you guys. If I can assist in any way, my services are available. That’s the drive behind my suggestions. Just wished I could do more. God is more than capable so, I’ll just keep praying His will for your lives…and a job! LOL!!! Have a blessed day! Love the pictures of the kids. They seem to be growing too fast even in pictures. It’s amazing isn’t it? Love ya! -Alicia

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