The second interview went well. The guy he interviewed with is checking with his regional manager to see if they can get the salary closer to what we had. They also promote within the company so if we get offered a job it may just be a year that we have to sit lower in pay. He will hear back from this guy on Friday.

In the meantime last night the phone rings and it is a landscaping company in Bend, Oregon.

They  talked for a while and they will be emailing him today with salary and benifits information. This way we can decide if it is even worth an in person interview. If it isn’t then no ones time will be wasted. If it is then I don’t know what we are going to do. How do you know what to do? I know I have asked this before but seriously we have thought things were the right thing to do before and it just didn’t work out.

The sun is shining today and we are supposed to have temps in the upper 40s!! Even higher tomorrow. But then we will have a chance for snow on Sat. Booo hissss! I want spring!!

Wednesday is library day so we will be taking back the 30 books that they didn’t read. I really hate the tv for just this reason. When we didn’t have a cable service the girls would actually read what they brought home. CC brings home more books than her bag will hold and then they just sit in the basket. Aly will read a couple, she doesn’t overload like she used to and most of hers get read but not always. Then there are the tons of books that Emi throws into the basket and we read those or at least most of them. I am thinking of making, for my records really, a “Books of the Day” list here and just tacking it on to my entries. I don’t know. Maybe I will just do it in word and print it out to put in our binder.



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  1. {{{hugs}}} I know just what its like to not know if you are making the right decision. We’ve been in that situation many, many times. And we’ve also thought we made the right decision and it has been the wrong one. I don’t know how you know if what you are doing is right. I guess we just have to trust ourselves and God and take a big step and pray its the right one. Hang in there. {{{hugs again}}}

  2. My oldest usually reads a couple long books a week,girlie goes in spirts and Addy geta a million and if I don’t remind him they get hauled back unread!
    As for which job,if they are the same pay/benefits,I would say where do YOU want to be? Are you content to spend the next 10 years where you are because the kids have friends and you don’t want to uproot them again? Does Or. offer better things all around in the long run? What about weather?(most important to me) Who has the easiest homeschool law? I have several on-line friends from Oregon and they love the laid back “PDX” area and would never move away.
    I’m sending Dh “best job vibes” now…

  3. I hope the job thing works out for you!About the library books, I put a limit of 5 per kid now (well that would be 25 total, not including mine that I never can get to!)… I can’t seem to keep track of all of them, and get stuck with fines! LOL! If they want more books, we just go the next week instead of every 2 weeks…

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