He didn’t get an email yesterday but they did call just a little bit ago. He will have to call them back because he is out giving a landscaping consult that could possibly lead to a design. Today will be a little bit of money and if they want a design then next week it will be more.

We got another notice from the unemployment people. It said that he qualifies for unemployment from Georgia but not Indiana. Now how in the world do we get unemployment from a state we aren’t even living in?? He is going to call them today if he gets back in time to see how that works if it works at all. We have been living here for 8months I just don’t understand why we don’t qualify?

Just answered a call from a landscape company in OH. Will have Jorry call them back as well.

Ace threw up twice last night and has a yucky runny nose today. She hasn’t been sick again and I am praying that she just had a yucky tummy because she ate some of Aly’s oatmeal cookie and the sugar was too much.

The sun is shining again today and the outside temp is warmer than yesterday. I need to make myself get outside when Ace wakes up from her nap.

I have really let the laundry and our bedroom slip since all of this stuff happened. I just haven’t been motivated to do much beyond keeping up with the kitchen and the living room. I just feel blah.

I am declaring next week our spring break so I can clean out our closet. I got the other closet all organized the first few days after the job loss. Anger is a great motivator for me in the cleaning deparment.

We are going to decrease and eliminate in a large way. We don’t have a lot of extra but we have enough that it starts to take up too much space.

Ok that is my boring entry for the day. I may come back and update or I may wait until tomorrow.


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  1. Praying for God’s will in your lives. Good luck with the decluttering. No need to move things you don’t need. If you have to move, that is…Hope Ace feels better today!

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