The good news just keeps coming(sarcastic)

Since he was discharged from his job any unemployment could take up to 8weeks to even begin coming our way.

The job that we were supposed to hear about today said to call back Wednesday.

He was told he would get an email from Oregon today and so far notta. We don’t think it will be anything we would move for. I’m just curious.

He left a message for the guy in Ohio but no call from him. Jorry will call tomorrow night just to touch base again.

More resumes went out today.

No phone calls or emails.


6 thoughts on “The good news just keeps coming(sarcastic)

  1. I’m so sorry.  With so much bad (or no) news, things have got to be changing soon.  Put out that good energy into the universe!  I can totally relate as I sit here sending out resumes and applying for jobs for my husband.  It’s amazing how many you can put out without hearing back from anyone.  I feel ya!

  2. Wow, I’ll be praying for you guys! That’s so tough!!

    And, RYC, I got to your blog from GCM. 🙂 I have the same user name on there as here; I just joined GCM not long ago. I’m going to subscribe to your blog so I remember to keep praying for your family.

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