Missing my sweet nursling

Ace is 16months and we are a nursing duo. When she was born into this world in the comfort of her own home she latched on about 30min after she was born and from that moment she was all business when it came to eating. She would nurse both sides and then be fine for the next 3hours. This was a huge difference from Emi who would nurse every two hours and sometimes in between that and at night it was almost constant. So when Ace slept for 3hours straight from birth it took a lot of adjusment on my part. I would wake up and wonder if I should wake her. In my case the answer was “Don’t wake a sleeing baby”

She was/is not a comfort nurser. If she gets hurt she doesn’t want to nurse she just wants to be held. When she nursed she was sweet and I loved looking at her. She likes to play with my hair and that doesn’t bother me. When she was done she was off to play.

Then in Nov. things started changing when she started working on her first year molars. I knew the signs, I had another nurser and had gone through this before. Well it is now March and the teething has.not.let.up! She got her molars top and bottom on the left side, then the right, and then as they were coming in so were TWO bottom teeth,followed by TWO more top teeth and now the eye teeth are coming in!!

Day time has changed. Now she is going through a hitting phase, or she rubs her hands over me and it tickles and I can’t stand the way it feels. I often have to end the nursing session because she is just goofing around. I know it’s all developmental but I miss how sweet she used to be when she nursed. 

 Night time is where I begin to loose my sanity. She will nurse constantly if I don’t implement boundries and sometimes even when I do she still insists. I miss my nurse, let go, sleep for 3hours nursling. I want her back!!!!

She isn’t ready for full nighttime weaning at this point. I have implemented counting to 10 and sometimes she lets go by the time I get to 5 and sometimes she doesn’t let go until I have counted to 10 3times. In a couple of months I will start talking about Mr. Sun going to bed and that means nursees have gone to bed too and she can nurse again when Mr. Sun comes up. I plan to have her night weaned before the baby arrives because I don’t want to tandem night nurse a second time. I did that for 6months, would prefer no to do it again.

I hope that after her teeth finish coming in that she reverts back to her sweet nursing self.

This pregnant mama needs some good sleep!

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5 thoughts on “Missing my sweet nursling

  1. Aw poor you!

    I’m interested to know why you don’t want to tandem again, as it’s almost surely in my future. I’m about to have 2 babies 18 months apart; I don’t see a way around it without actively weaning dd, and I don’t want to do that yet.

  2. Ohh I can soo relate!  My youngest is just about 16 months too.  I weaned her over a month ago when I was pregnant, very sick, and all the goofing off started.  I usually love when the weaning happens so that nighttime becomes a full night of sleep.  I’m impressed you tandem night time nursed – wow.  Good luck with sweet little Ace.  Isn’t nursing just the best?!  I can’t imagine moms who don’t.

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