My to do list didn’t quite get done. I took jessyjam’s advice and let some of it slide. I had to because when I got started I realized that I was really wiped out from being sick.

So I got some laundry done and our bedroom is almost clean. The kitchen was worked on and the bigs got the living room picked up. The living room shouldn’t really be on the list though, it is an everyday thing.

Our ultrasound is today. I will either update this afternoon when I get back or tomorrow.

No call from Utah.

A call back from the local company he had two interviews with.

“I’m sorry to inform you that you are overqualified for the position.”

The Oregon people just disappeared. He emailed the first guy he talked to and he called back but nothing since then.

It would just be nice if either company(Utah included) would just call to say thanks but we went another direction. It would stink but it wouldn’t leave us wondering.

He has an interview Friday with a landscaping company here in town. They weren’t hiring, he just sent his resume in and the owner wants to meet with him.

We really need something to happen because he is starting to hit the depressed phase.

He applied for more jobs on line last night. He has tons of resumes out across the country and not just his is field.

We finally qualified for food stamps. We will have those next week sometime.

My brother will be here sometime on Thrusday so I have time to accomplish some more things on my list. I am feeling stronger today but I will still not over do it.


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