Two positive posts in a row

He had a job interview today and it went fantastic!!!

Monday at 10am is the official offer. It’s local and it is so much of what he needs. Finally someone has seen that he has talent and that he knows his stuff.

My awesome big little brother and his awesome girlfriend are here. They babysat the kids while we went out on a date courtesy of him.

The last time we went out on a date was ummm, yeah it’s been years. I promise that is not an exageration. It was nice to sit and eat without having to share and to talk without distraction.

We ate too much and had plenty to bring home to share.

A check came in the mail for us today and one came in the mail Thursday as well.

Friends are still supplying us with produce and this week we will have homemade bread in our food box.

It has been a long 3weeks.

Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts. I appreciate that you all didn’t bail during my negativity.

Be blessed for you are all a blessing to me!!


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