Oh Happy Day!!!

He has a job!!!!!!!!!!!!

He starts Monday next week!!!!!



19 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!!!

  1. YAY!!!!  I’m so thrilled for you guys!  AND…. that means you don’t have to move!!!  *happy dance*
    Any time you’re ready to get together, let me know.  We have 2 appointments this week… Wed. am. & Fri. am.  I think I’m free any other time.
    YAY!!!!    ~Lori

  2. I am so excited for you – I know you don’t know me but I have been praying that God would move and provide. He always has a way. Also, that’s so awesome that you and your husband were able to enjoy a date – I’m sure you guys needed that time after everything that’s been going on.

  3. Jo! I’ve been kinda silent but trying my best to keep updated and have been praying and trusting God to come through!  He always does!  I know you all are very relieved.  I love your new song……who is it?  I love the music you use on your site. Thanks for sharing and blessings!  -myra http://www.mmerge.blogspot.com

  4. @myraj – It is Yael Naim. I hear the song on a commercial first and fell in love with it. Saw part of the video the other day and decided to search for it. Thanks for all your prayers!!

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