If we hadn’t had two really good days in a row prior to yesterday I probably would be throwing myself a pity party.

Yesterday was just not good.

Today will be better.

We have an early appointment to see an allergist today for Aly but she was refusing to go yesterday. So I tried to call yesterday to cancel it but had missed the office hours. Have been trying them this morning but they don’t open until 8am, which is when our appointment was. They also won’t let you leave a message.

I am at the point that if Aly doesn’t want to do what needs to be done to find out what is causing her excema and to follow the doctor’s instructions for taking care of it then I really don’t see what else I can do. She is as tall as me and is solid. I can’t/won’t man handle her to get her to go or to put on her cream or lotion. She hates that she has this but she won’t do what needs to be done and that just blows my mind. She thinks that because she has the hydrocortisone cream that she will be fine now. I have told her that once she runs out it will come back again because all it does is push it back into her body. If she would see the allergist we might find a solution to the problem. If she has an allergy we can work to avoid whatever it is and if she doesn’t then we would look at other treatments.

So, I wasn’t going to get up at 5:30am to get littles ready, deal with a grumpy 9yo and have to get myself ready only to have her refuse to get out of bed. And yes, I empathized, tried to help her with any fears or worries she might be having etc. She chose the challenging roller coaster and I am choosing not to ride.

Ok, I am off to do some laundry before the mountain explodes out of the laundry room and tries to take over the house.


Ahh another great day

Despite the continuation of the NFL draft the day was really great.

We had our usual Sat. breakfast yesterday because Jorry had to go into work for a while and so did my brother(he is living with us for a bit). It was the adults and the littles. Aly was sleeping and SiSi had gone to spend the night with some friends.

While I was checking my email a portable basketball goal came up on our freecycle list. I responded hoping I actually had a chance. About an hour or so later I got an email that it was ours!!! So the guys went to pick it up. All it needed was a new net.

While they were picking that up SiSi and I went to the library. Aly stayed with the littles, one was sleeping and one was glued to her side watching her play on the computer. I really like having a child old enough and mature enough to babysit for 1-2hour lengths of time. She sent her requests for books with us to the library.

SiSi and I had a nice time looking for geology books. She loves rocks and wanted some to read through since she is also doing a project for 4H. We wound up picking out so many books for all of us that our bags were over flowing and HEAVY!! A very nice gentleman offered to carry two of our bags our to our van. That was nice because this pregnant mama would probably not have made it to the van with out many stops.

Oh and I found a CD there that I had been looking for for months!! I checked out a great Cd of children’s folk music last year and for the life of me could not remember the artists name nor the title of the CD. I knew though that if I saw the cover I would know the CD. So everytime we have gone to the library I have shuffled through the CDs to no avail. Then yesterday it was there!!!

Two Hands Hold The Earth by Sarah Pirtle

We also picked up her Heart of the World CD along with Raffi and a couple of others.

Then it was off to the grocery store for a few things and home to make supper.

While I was getting supper ready the kids were enjoying the basketball goal and the guys went off to Good Will to get some shirts for work. My husband came home with 5 shirts for under $8 and Josh came home with about the same.  

After supper Aly and I went out for some mom and daughter time. We had milkshakes at Steak N Shake and she had some fries. Ok so I had some too but not too many. Then we drove around and talked because Good Will was closed and she didn’t want to go home yet. We had fun talking and I’m glad we had the time to connect, just the two of us.

Ok off to read one of the many books we got yesterday to Emi.


Dear God,

Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (i.e. the NFL football draft and how long the stinkin’ thing is)

The courage to change the things I can(like the channel if I can find the remote that my husband has conveniently misplaced)

And the wisdom to know when it is best to just wave the white flag and head to the library.


Feeling better today.

We had an awesome day yesterday. Nothing spectacular, just a day that flowed really well. Which I guess in my book is spectacular.

The weather was nice again and this time I enjoyed it.

Old Hat, I think some leaves must have sprouted somewhere!

Going to meet with a homeschool group for a talent show today. My girls are just going to watch and eat the snacks. Apparently their talents are hidden and they would like to keep them that way.

Yesterday was our last day of homeschool co-op. We have a picnic next week. Oh and Aly’s science class continues for about 3more weeks but the rest of us our done. I’m actually looking forward to next year.

Yesterday I was cooking dinner, well actually preparing it. There wasn’t anything to cook because we had chicken salad sandwiches with fruit and raw veggies and really not good for you potato chips. Any way, I was thinking about Rachel Ray’s 30min meals and how they truly would only take 30min to prepare except she isn’t living my life. In the midst of getting supper ready I had about 3 potty breaks that didn’t involve me being on the potty, numerous times I heard myself say to the 1yo….you may not climb on the dining room table,Or “Chairs are for sitting, not for standing.”

At some point the phone rings and SiSi wants to know if friends can come play. I answered numerous questions..such as “When is daddy coming home?” “Can I watch the Jungle Book?”, “What’s for supper?” “Can I watch tv in your room.” “Guess what?” “Mom do you know where ______ is?”

All while redirecting the 1yo away from the cat litter box,trying to explain to the cat that she can eat the scraps of chicken in her bowl until I get someone to pick up some of her precious cat food and loading the dishwasher so my small kitchen counters don’t look like Mount Dirty Dishes grew from the flat surface underneath.

Yep, I might get to make a true 30minute meal one day….I’m guessing in about 18 years!

Positive routines

In the book I’m reading “Good and Angry”, the authors asked the reader to list out positive routines they have in their family. When I first read that I was really bummed because I couldn’t think of any. Unfortunately, I could think of a lot of negative routines. So I skipped the question.

Then when I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day something she said made me realize that we do have one positive routine. It’s our Sat. morning breakfast! I get up every Sat. morning and make either pancakes or waffles, bacon, sausge and eggs. We have chocolate milk, and/or orange juice and we usually all sit and eat and chat with each other. It is also a tradition that while cooking the bacon I cause the smoke alarm to go off which is the cue for everyone sleeping to get up. 

So that is one and now I think I will work to put more in place.

How about your family? What positive routines do you have?

I should be in bed but I am not. I am here.

My contacts are sticky and I need to take them out. I must not ever sleep in my contacts beyond one night because I have had an ulcer on my cornea. Apparently your eyeballs need oxygen and if you wear contact lenses for days on end without taking them out your eyeball can become scarily infected. Nothing like looking in the mirror to see a white spot on your contact only to take the contact out and still see afore mentioned white spot on your eyeball. Ever since then when my husband lays down at night he says “I love you. Did you take your contacts out?”

Today was a long day. A good one, but long none the less. Homeschool co-op, home to start supper. In between cooking jobs the littles and I sat outside and read books. Finished fixing supper, gave the littles and bath and directed the bigs while they picked up  the living room.

Delivered the last of the Girl Scout cookies to a friend. Picked up a few items at the grocery store. Came home to chaos. Baby crying, tired husband and vegged out bigs.

Crying baby calmed down but wouldn’t go to sleep, tired husband was falling asleep on his feet and the bigs were still vegged out in front of the tv.

Got the recyclables bagged and to the curb. Tried putting the baby down and was successful. 3yo fell asleep as well. Got up to clean the kitchen, added some appointments to the big calendar. Folded the cloth diapers and towels on the couch.

Fixed a bowl of apple crisp and a glass of sweet tea.

Sitting here enjoying the movement of the baby. I was a bit worried this afternoon because I hadn’t felt her move all day. I had just been too busy.

Got a little frustrated with the older girls tonight and gave the oldest one the evil eye. I have got to stop doing that. It’s like yelling only there is no noise. At least that is how I feel and that is how she responds. I hope they still love me when I finally get this parenting thing right.

Ok, I am off to bed to get some sleep.

It is supposed to be 70 and sunny all day tomorrow. We are supposed to go to a park day if we can all get ourselves out of bed.

It’s nice and sunny outside right now. I hope that means it is also warm. I’ll have to check that in a bit.

The doctor yesterday was a bit umm weird but I liked that he wasn’t gung ho on having Aly put a steroid cream on such a large area. Plus she wounded herself in her sleep the night before and her arm was super tender. I was bracing myself for him to prescribe Elidel and having to say sorry, we won’t fill that. But he just prescribed some prescription strength hydorcortisone cream which I know is still in the steroid line but it is at the bottom. Then he referred her to an allergist for testing. I have to call and find out when that appointment is.

Co-op is ending in a couple of weeks. The girls have really loved going this year and are looking forward to next year.

SiSi has a Girl Scout meeting today. She gets to learn about horses and earn a badge. No horse back ride though since it is so muddy and wet from all of the rain we have had. She will be bummed. She played her first soccer game of the season last week and their team lost by one goal. We are really hoping she gets to experience a win because her team didn’t get that experience last fall. She has fun either way though and that is what matters. Jorry and I are so not the soccer parent type and it is interesting to watch those that are and how hard they can be on their kids.


I got to take Aly to volley ball without the bottom 3! It was nice to sit and read and take notes without interruption. I like the book I am reading but one thing is bothering me. They often refer to the parents being angry being a result of the kids doing something wrong and that it needs to be fixed. For me I see my anger as something that *I* am responsible for no matter what my kids are doing. Also most often if I think about what sets me off when it comes to the kids, it’s all developemental or a personality trait. I own my own upset. Sure I can see where things need to change so we can all be more successful but it still falls to me as the one who has to be responsible for initiating that change.

Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t making the kids out to be the bad guys and the cause of everything. They address you as the parent up front. It’s just some of the wording reads in a way that could still lead someone to think that “If my kids would only do x,y,z, then I wouldn’t be so angry”

What I did realize when I was reading last night was that I need to be more creative about how I approach things. And I need to LAUGH more!! At what point in my life did I become so serious that I have forgotten how to laugh?

A quote from the book:

“It doesn’t take much character to see something wrong, but it takes wisdom to know how to respond to it.”

Live Out Loud Today!!