I’m not feeling moody any more.

My family is grateful.

Jorry started his job yesterday! It is so nice that he is working again and that we didn’t have to move. If there was one thing that I prayed about was that we wouldn’t have to move the girls again.

Since we didn’t move we were able to get Aly into her volleyball clinic. She started last night and has 4more nights to go. I wound up taking all of the kids with me and while it was uneventful except for Ace busting her lip, next time I will go without them. The gym they practice in has no place to sit and we were really in the way at one point. So as long as Jorry makes it home in time for us to get there he will have the 3youngest.

I have this post in my head that I really want to get onto the screen. I am really struggling with how much I say “no” to the girls. I’m also struggling with how much the daily upkeep of the house interferes with me just saying “yes”. I am afraid of that unexpected guest coming and finding my home in a shambles. And for some reason, even though I am not what I would consider and neat freak, clutter begins to bother me at some point and I fall into a bad mood and the state of the house becomes my focus instead of just enjoying my girls.

I don’t want to live in chaos, but I really don’t want my girls growing up and having only memories of me ranting about cleaning up after themselves, or getting things clean before we can do xyz.

I’ve got to find balance. Or maybe it isn’t acheivable with kids growing up in the home and I should just see the mess and clutter as evidence that we are alive and enjoy this one life we have.

Ok, Emi wants to cuddle on the couch so I will end here.

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  1. “I should just see the mess and clutter as evidence that we are alive and enjoy this one life we have.”
    I agree with this. Remember what Jesus said to Mary and Martha.
    Also, I don’t think anyone on there deathbed has ever said, “I wish I would have kept my house neater.” KWIM?

  2. Girl! I am so excited about Jorry’s new job and that you guys were able to stay put. What a wonderful blessing! I feel your pain about a messy house. At the same time, I don’t want to put any undue pressure on the kids. Here’s how I look at it: life gets crazy sometimes and the house will get “behind” when these times come. So, although I try to keep in mind what’s been going on and that I know I’m doing the best I can…I have found a fun solution that gets everyone involved without it seeming like a chore. Typically, I try to find a day where we can devote to cleaning, organizing and stuff. Then, I get everyone involved by making it like a game. We actually have cleaning songs and sayings the kids love to do as we go along. So this way we sort of “kill two birds with one stone” kind of thing. We get the house clean and have fun hanging out with each other while doing it. Of course, the trick is finding the appropriate “jobs” for their ages. Of course, everyone helps clean up the play room. Everywhere else, just find things that they can do. I learned a long time ago that allowing them to fold the wash cloths and putting them away, to let it be “imperfect.” (I may be the only one with this problem.) While they are little, the idea is to teach them to help around the house. Then I figure as they get older, teach them how to do things neatly. The girls love to put away the dishes that are in the dishwasher. Alanna, the 2 year old, believes she’s the only one who can put the silverware away. LOL!!! They have learned to put away the dishes that are at their level, like the silverware, tupperware and the pans they can carry. This might be something to try one day. Have a fun cleaning day! As they are getting older, I’ve seen most of them appreciate having their room cleaned and doing pretty good keeping it up. Of course, until those times when life gets away from you and you have to do a “fun cleaning day” again. HEHEHEHE!!!! Which reminds me, as soon as all of us are better, we are going to have one of those days soon. LOL!!!Love ya bunches!!!

  3. What mom doesn’t struggle with this??? If you find one, please send her to my house! I love still being new here because I don’t have to worry as much about unexpected guests, like I did in MS. It was really a pride issue for me. I wanted everyone to think I was perfect and had it all together! Something that has really helped me is to get rid of stuff! Life is so much easier when you have less stuff, you know? It’s never ending with kids tho because of birthdays and Christmas and of course MORE KIDS periodically entering the family! HA!!

  4. Ohhhhh Jo! as a Mom of 6 I do know how pregnancy can intensify the need for order and neatness! I know how frustrating it is to feel you are always saying “NO” even to request you would actually LIKE to say YES to – Remember with NO save it for when you really need it, and if you say it you should really MEAN it – I played “No” – Negotiate “Yes” with my oldest and ended up with a teen that has Opositional Defiant Disorder (partially) because I trained him – “NO” means “you can negotiate with me and get your way” – So with my younger ones I mean NO when I say NO and I try to find a way to say YES. As far as the house – well I haven’t read your blog enough to get the ages of your kids but our day is broken up into a routine and as part of that routine chores are done 4 times a day – I know that sounds like a too many BUT it is only about 12 min. of chores 8 if you don’t count the “messing around” time. Now the house stays TIDY and the deep cleaning is done by me on days I have time and feel like it. Now if someone comes to the door I can open it and feel ok about it. I’ll try to do a post about chores and ages … when I get a chance.

  5. I’m so glad ya’ll are staying, too!  Is he w/ a company in G’fd or Indy?  Hope it works out phenomonally!
    Clean house?  Hahahahaha…..  Even w/ doubling our house size a year & a half ago, I still turn around sometimes & wonder what exploded…   I seriously need to do a deep declutter in the T’s room…. They have stuff from the big girls that they don’t even play w/.
    RYC:  My next week, so far anyway…. just orthodontist on Wed. morning.  I’m free in the evenings; Tues & Thurs after 6:00, Mon & Wed anytime, & Friday is date night.  If daytime works better, I could always swing by & pick you up…. it’s not that far from the cafe, right?

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