We had a bad day yesterday.

Praying that today is better.

Can anyone that has a 12yo or has had a 12yo tell me if it is normal for them to not be able to complete tasks like putting away ALL of the things they got out to make their lunch?

She can complete her science assignments for co-op no problem. We have to call her back multiple times to finish getting things put away. It doesn’t matter how many times she gets interrupted she just doesn’t complete the job.

The girls don’t have a ton of things that they HAVE to do around here so when I do ask for help I would like to be able to know that the job is completed. I can’t do that with her. I will 9times out of 10 find whatever it was that I asked for help with left undone.

She claims we are asking for perfection and we tell her that isn’t the case. We are just tired of waking up to find the full bottle of Ranch dressing left out along with other refrigerated items.

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  1. Just so you know,I came downstairs this morning to find 1/2 a bottle of ORGANIC BBQ sauce (left out all night)sitting in the middle of the table because MY almost 12 year old “thought is was empty”  so he just left it there!(if it was empty it belongs in recycling,full the fridge!). From what I hear,this is a common trait in all 12 years olds,putting food away is something they seem to forget how to do and they also seem to lose vision when it comes to seeing bottles that need putting away. Of course if its something like “chocolate sauce”,they can see that bottle from a mile away and also tell you exactly how much is left!

  2. Hmmmm. I have a 16 year old that still leaves that bottle of Ranch dressing out. It’s not intentional. Her mind is busy, creating. Sometimes I go get her and have her put it back. A lot of times I just put it up myself. I used to let this stuff drive me crazy and I would get so angry. I was angry way too much. So I stopped. When I start to get really mad I look at all she does do. She is holding down 3 jobs, saving money for college, just finished the GED, is studying for the ACT and will start college in Sept. at the age of 16. She sews beautiful stuff, she writes the most wonderful stories, we go out for coffee together and talk.That might not be the help you wanted, but it’s what works for me. If there’s messes, I call the girls and say help me, and we all do it together irregardless of whose mess it is. Of course, I’m not pregnant and my youngest are 7. I guess after all that I don’t have any good advice except to say that they usually always grow into beautiful young women, and someday she’ll probably be asking other mothers how to get her child to put stuff up. The older I get, the more I laugh at it all. Take care.

  3. Normal, normal, normal. Absolutely, annoyingly normal. I promise. I have decided that 12 y/o girls are distracted because they are so busy growing their noses. !2 is about the time their nose seems too big for their face. I have no idea why that is, but they grow into it just fine in the next year.
    I have often wondered about the not putting up food phenomenon. It is almost like computer logic. You know what I mean? If you have two clocks and clock A is 5 minutes fast and clock B is stopped, human logic tells you that Clock A is closest to correct. But a computer would select clock B as more correct because twice a day it is exactly correct. Twelve y/o girls seem to think if they cannot be absolutely correct (i.e. putting things in the proper place) they just abstain entirely (i.e. leave it on the table). So we parents wonder why they did not do it right, but they take comfort in the “fact” that since they did nothing (!) they did nothing wrong.
    Listen to the old guy waxing philosophical about the utterly incomprehensible.
    Hang in there, sweetheart. This too shall pass.
    Daddy hat

  4. well my 13 year old often leaves the boxes,like waffles or something, in the freezer when they are empty! She does do a lot around here so when she doesn’t put things away after making her lunch I do it for her and I just think of it as I am happy she made her lunch for herself. And Like Living in Willoughby if there is a big mess I ask everyone to help regardless of who made the mess because there will be a time when it could be anyone of us who made it.

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