Thank you for those who responded to my previous post. I feel better knowing that it is normal. Also thanks to living in willoughby for sharing about the anger she let go of.

I have a lot of anger and I am not sure why. I thought that it was because of all that had happened this past year. The loss of my friends’ only child, my dad’s death,the death of another friend’s unborn full term baby. Being totally honest though the anger was there before that. Yes, these things have added to it but they didn’t create it.

I can’t look at my life and say that I have anything to be angry about on a daily basis. I have healthy children. My husband loves me unconditionally. I am for the most part healthy and this baby is growing well.

I feel anger about things that go on in the world, things that I can’t control.

So I am not sure where this root came from but I know it is time for it to go.

My kids deserve a better memory of me. They deserve not to be constantly worried about setting me off.

I know anger isn’t wrong but the level that I deal with is unhealthy. Or maybe it is the way I deal with it. Either way change must occur before infects the rest of my family anymore than it already has.



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  1. I’m glad to have come across your blog. I deal with deep-seated anger too. I have anger at God, my parents (who are dead), and myself. Sometimes I am horrified at myself and my reaction to the children. I know that it was done to me as a child. Walking on eggshells. Always wondering when the next shoe would fall. It made me introverted and a loner. I really try not to be like my family was to me as a child. It takes all I have some days to bite my tongue. It’s tough because it’s so ingrained in me. As much as I don’t want to be like my nuclear family, I still am some days.

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