This that and the other…

On dealing with my anger:

This morning I had an epiphany of sorts in regards to something that really fuels my anger. Not the source behind it mind you, just something that adds to the flames. It’s the kitchen and the fact that getting my girls in there to help after supper is a constant battle. Our night time routine recently has been that we eat together, I bathe the littles and get them ready for bed, and Jorry and the girls clean the kitchen together. Well, that worked great for about a week and then Jorry started getting distracted by the TV or he expected them to be able to get the job done with just his words coming from the living room. It was inevitable that when I went back into what was supposed to be a clean kitchen it wasn’t. To my girls it was. Most of the dishes were in the dishwasher, a counter was wiped down and so was the table. However that wasn’t clean to ME. I would fume and often blow up because it wasn’t done the way that I liked it. Not to mention since my husband wasn’t in there with the girls the entire time fights between the two of them would erupt.

So to remedy this problem I have decided that I am just going to be the one to clean the kitchen after supper. Everyone will still be expected to clean off their plates and load them but after that I will do what is left. It will get done the way I like it and when I wake up in the morning if something isn’t done I only have myself to be upset with. Also this will allow the girls to do a quick pick up of the livingroom which they like doing far more than the kitchen. So we both “win” so to speak. Oh and Jorry will take over giving the little’s their baths and getting them ready for bed.

On getting a year older:

It was Jorry’s birthday yesterday. I made him a cheesecake and each of the bigs made a cake for him. They found some decorating ideas in the recent issue of Rachel Ray’s magazine. Of course they couldn’t share in making one cake so that is why we have two. I think they turned out great. We had one mishap where CC over measured the oil so the batter was scraped. I had to go to the store to get some seasoning so I just picked up another mix for her. I tried to get them to use the recipe in the magazine but they weren’t interested. They had fun and I think they turned out great.

We had baked chicken breasts breaded with ritz crackers, seasoned roasted potatos, peas and french style green beans. All his favs except the peas.

Aly’s Cake



C.C.’s Cake


Daddy and his girls!


Blowing out the candles!



Should anyone have a craving for yellow cake with cream cheese frosting come on over! There is plenty to go around.




8 thoughts on “This that and the other…

  1. Happy birthday to Jorry!  Love the cake designs…
    This week has kinda gone crazy… appts on Mon, Wed, & Thurs., so if you wanna get together, let me know & we’ll see what works.  Hopefully, life will slow down a titch since meet season is officially over.  (Hahahahahahaha!!!!  I can always dream!)

  2. Happy birthday to Jorry! Pass along a “job well done” to the girls. Those cakes are amazing!
    As for you, young lady, I am very proud of you. For many reasons, but for these two most of all;
    for allowing your girls to be so creative and teaching them to express their love through actions. Good job, Mom!
    for being an agent of change. Change is inevitable, but you can choose either to be an agent of change or a victim of change. You have chosen well, JoAnn. I am very proud of you.
    Daddy Hat

  3. “he expected them to be able to get the job done with just his words coming from the living room” I sooooo know how this is!
    The cakes look YUMMIE! That is alot of CAKE! lol
    Have you tried printing a visual check list for the girls in the kitchen? – Maybe they aren’t really sure what your expectations are… I also think they should still clean the kitchen BUT maybe you can just be ok with going in afterwards… Honestly even Monkey who is 18 months washes his own dish.. we hold him up to sink… the point isn’t that he gets it clean but that he makes it a habit… OHH also one thing we have been doing is the MAJOR mess is cleaned before we eat soo aftewards it is only … the dishes… we ate off of and the mess we need to wipe up and I have hot soapy water waiting in the sink. … just some ideas.

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