This week has been super busy and today will not be a rest day .

Monday night was volley ball, Tuesday was signing up for 4H then produce pick up in the afternoon and then a 30min stop back at home and then off to soccer practice.

Yesterday was non-stop converstaion about the 4H projects the girls are going to be doing.

Aly has geneology,gardening,cake decorating, weather, photography and one other that I can’t think of right now.

SiSi has cake decorating,woodworking,geology and two others that are not coming to mind.

The weather has been great so we have been outside.

Ace loves it outdoors and thinks the world is ending when we have to come in.

Last night I went grocery shopping with Aly. That was fun.

Today is co-op and then I think I will get to rest Friday and maybe catch up on housework.

Here are some pics. The first three I took, the others are Aly’s work.


It was bright out!



Pregnancy Shadow



First frog for Ace!


The Littles


Little conversation.




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  1. OOH, I like the pregnant shadow. Aly got a couple great shots – I really like black and white.We’ve never done 4H but my 10 yr old has been asking about it. Again this year I’m too late as the deadline was April 1st and we didn’t think about it until this week. I think it would be worthwhile – I should have my dh write it down for next year. He won’t let me forget.

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