I’m not getting my xanga subscription digest in my inbox for some reason. It’s been almost a week. I should have one because when I come here my subs have blogged and so I should be getting notice. Oh well.

I mentioned that Aly is doing photography as one of her 4H projects. I asked her last night what she has been reading lately, thinking fiction. She says “Oh nothing really, I’ve just been reading books on photography.” Now that is not going to be exciting to anyone but me without some explanation. So here’s my explanation.

We have really hit what I feel like is a dry spell in our unschooling. Don’t get me wrong, I know that learning does not have to come from a book and that there are times when just being and playing is something that the brain needs to do. I was told once that a person cannot physically grow and learn something new at the same time.  So I usually don’t stress when there isn’t much to see so to speak.

However this dry spell was different. Almost like a funk and not just a different path of growth. So last Sunday afternoon I stole away to the library by myself. The trip was for two purposes. 1. To go where it was truly quiet. 2. To spend uninterrupted time looking for books on subjects of interest for my girls…all of them.

I came home with photography,art and fashion design books for Aly. SiSi loves space and so I grabbed some books in that subject area, she also loves funny poetry so I picked up a new book of poems she hadn’t read yet. She never leaves the library with out a Shel Silverstein…this one was by someone different.

For Emi I picked up books about nature. She loves animals.

For Ace I found the coolest board books that have little finger puppets in them. She is my puppet girl.

I came home with my offerings and Aly right away was excited about the art books and fashion design. She and SiSi both sat at the dining room table creating designs. If she will let me, I will scan them in and post the pics later.I also found her in her room the other morning reading this very thick book on digital photography that I had grabbed. It is her favorite one of all that I brought home.

Sisi discovered the space books and the poetry book a couple of days later. And the littles have enjoyed their books over and over.

These aren’t new interests, just dormant ones that I thought they would like to rekindle or expand on in some cases. If they hadn’t that would have been fine. I just felt that I needed to be a facilitator in a very subtle way and this time it seems to be what was needed.

Unschooling isn’t about just letting kids be, it’s about knowing your kids and allowing your kids to know you. It’s conversations and car rides, grocery shopping trips and just hanging out in the back yard. It is about being comfortable in the fact that they were created with an innate sense of wonder and curiosity and that when they are given the freedom to explore they will find their passion.




DSC06201 DSC06244








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  1. Awesome!  I feel like *I’ve* hit a dry spell w/ the unschooling.  Maybe that’s b/c I’ve lost interest in most everything right now.  John’s helping me work thru it, but……
    Have a good, warm ( ) weekend!  ~Lori

  2. I love it! Do you know about Charlotte Mason? I like her ideas about nature walks…really want to do more of those now that the weather’s nice. You are amazing, mama!

  3. @dancinmomma – Yes, I am familiar with Charlotte Mason. I like her approach. When Alyssa was younger I read about her a bit before we moved to unschooling. Nature walks are the best! Now is the time to do it where you are before it gets to stinkin’ hot to breath outside. There is a great boardwalk trail near Suwanee let me know if you aren’t familiar with it and I will get directions.

  4. @lizzyjenson – As for formal homeschooling I would say no. The girls have asked to “do school” here and there and they usually last a day and then they don’t want to do the assignments anymore. They both have math curriculum at their request. SiSi works through hers pretty regularly and Aly hasn’t touched hers all year. But SiSi likes math and Aly doesn’t so I expected that. If Aly were to ask for text or such for certain subjects we would help her find what she needed/wanted so then she would work through them at her pace. She has taken a science class in co-op this year and it has been from a text book with open book tests and worksheets to fill in. She has really enjoyed it. So I could see her wanting more curriculum in the next couple of years but I also see her wanting her days to be open for the times she just wants to take photos or follow a photographer around etc.

  5. You’re so right about unschooling not being about just letting your kids be but rather know your kids and letting them know you – on all levels. It’s a rather hard concept to describe isn’t it???I would think with being pregnant and your husband losing his job would it would be easy to hit a dry spell – a lot of other things going on. Strewing things – books, DVD’s, etc. – usually turns things around. More beautiful pictures.RYC: I called the extension office and we are too late this year for 4H. I’m trying to get the kids interested in the garden this year. I’m planning an herb garden with my 10 year old; maybe that can be our own 4H. Oh, plus we got baby chicks.

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