The weather was really blah this weekend! I am ready to check out the state parks here and the weather is just not cooperating.

Aly spent the night with a friend Friday night and SiSi had a couple of friends over here.

I was not motivated to accomplish much of anything this weekend. I think my iron is low.

Aly has a doctor’s appt today. Her eczema has flared up so badly this last week. We have tried benedryl at night to help with itching and she still creates wounds on her arms. Not to mention she broke out all over, and not just in the usual crease of her arms. We have even been taking in to the tanning salon so she can get some light therapy that way. Homeopathics were working great for a while and then all of sudden it just quit. She isn’t thrilled about seeing a male doctor but finding the right doctor for our family isn’t easy and he was recommened by some moms in my Attachemtn Parenting group. I hope it’s a good fit.

Tonight is more volley ball. I am really hoping Jorry is home in time for me to take just Aly. The other 3 do pretty good while we are there but it is 1hr 30min of waiting in the van because they have NO room for us in the gym and the church they use closes up before they are done and alarms are set etc.

Ok I am off to get ready because it is a 10:30am appointment and that is early for this family.

Have a great day and be sure to live out loud!!


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  1. My niece has had eczema very badly, too. She would scratch at night while sleeping, and her legs were covered with open wounds. They finally ended giving her a steroid, and that had quite an effect on her temperment – not for the good. Hope you find something that works without having to go to those extremes.

  2. Oh my! I will be praying for Aly! I had HORRIBLE eczema as a child. I can remember the oozing wounds and the itching fits! I would lay in the floor and claw my legs and arms and cry!!! I outgrew it eventually, but in the last 5 years it’s returned. If you have a Y nearby, it’s worth the money for a membership so that she can get in the pool. The chlorine will dry it out in no time. When we were in L’ton I would hang my legs in Mr. Roland’s pool for 30 minutes a day. It only took a few days for it to clear up. I don’t know if the new salt-water pools would do the same or not. Also, I remember when I started shaving, it cleared up some…not sure why? (Doesn’t work now.) I started shaving really early, 11 maybe…because we’d heard it might help. Bless her heart…like I said, I will pray.

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