I should be in bed but I am not. I am here.

My contacts are sticky and I need to take them out. I must not ever sleep in my contacts beyond one night because I have had an ulcer on my cornea. Apparently your eyeballs need oxygen and if you wear contact lenses for days on end without taking them out your eyeball can become scarily infected. Nothing like looking in the mirror to see a white spot on your contact only to take the contact out and still see afore mentioned white spot on your eyeball. Ever since then when my husband lays down at night he says “I love you. Did you take your contacts out?”

Today was a long day. A good one, but long none the less. Homeschool co-op, home to start supper. In between cooking jobs the littles and I sat outside and read books. Finished fixing supper, gave the littles and bath and directed the bigs while they picked up  the living room.

Delivered the last of the Girl Scout cookies to a friend. Picked up a few items at the grocery store. Came home to chaos. Baby crying, tired husband and vegged out bigs.

Crying baby calmed down but wouldn’t go to sleep, tired husband was falling asleep on his feet and the bigs were still vegged out in front of the tv.

Got the recyclables bagged and to the curb. Tried putting the baby down and was successful. 3yo fell asleep as well. Got up to clean the kitchen, added some appointments to the big calendar. Folded the cloth diapers and towels on the couch.

Fixed a bowl of apple crisp and a glass of sweet tea.

Sitting here enjoying the movement of the baby. I was a bit worried this afternoon because I hadn’t felt her move all day. I had just been too busy.

Got a little frustrated with the older girls tonight and gave the oldest one the evil eye. I have got to stop doing that. It’s like yelling only there is no noise. At least that is how I feel and that is how she responds. I hope they still love me when I finally get this parenting thing right.

Ok, I am off to bed to get some sleep.

It is supposed to be 70 and sunny all day tomorrow. We are supposed to go to a park day if we can all get ourselves out of bed.


4 thoughts on “

  1. SO good to see you too!!! I think you rock mama!! EverytimeI read your blog I am brought back to the sweet simplicity of mama land like baths, sewing, cooking, and cleaning!! Thats a compliment btw! You describe things so gracefully!

  2. Very busy, full day. My m-i-l probably broke every gentle, mindful, attachment parenting rule there is. But you know what? Her kids still love her. It’s taken me years to realize that in spite of all the crap she dished out, they still really love her. I think you’re safe. Take care.

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