Positive routines

In the book I’m reading “Good and Angry”, the authors asked the reader to list out positive routines they have in their family. When I first read that I was really bummed because I couldn’t think of any. Unfortunately, I could think of a lot of negative routines. So I skipped the question.

Then when I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day something she said made me realize that we do have one positive routine. It’s our Sat. morning breakfast! I get up every Sat. morning and make either pancakes or waffles, bacon, sausge and eggs. We have chocolate milk, and/or orange juice and we usually all sit and eat and chat with each other. It is also a tradition that while cooking the bacon I cause the smoke alarm to go off which is the cue for everyone sleeping to get up. 

So that is one and now I think I will work to put more in place.

How about your family? What positive routines do you have?

4 thoughts on “Positive routines

  1. Someday – when I need to be humbled – I will share the story with you about the Mrs Hat came home and found me standing on a chair blowing into the smoke detector to keep it from going off. lol
    Love you, JoAnn.
    Daddy Hat

  2. I usually connect reading out loud with meals. We make homemade pizza and watch movies on Sat. eve. I think our routines change with the season though. During the winter we watch a lot of movies and documentaries during the afternoon, but once nice weather hits, we hardly put a movie in during the day. Dad used to cook Sun. breakfast for us; I’m going have to revive that routine. I agree that you probably have more positive routines than you realize. Like when I drop my 10 yr. old off at piano lessons, the twins and I always go to the park across the street – unless it’s freezing. Things like that.

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