Feeling better today.

We had an awesome day yesterday. Nothing spectacular, just a day that flowed really well. Which I guess in my book is spectacular.

The weather was nice again and this time I enjoyed it.

Old Hat, I think some leaves must have sprouted somewhere!

Going to meet with a homeschool group for a talent show today. My girls are just going to watch and eat the snacks. Apparently their talents are hidden and they would like to keep them that way.

Yesterday was our last day of homeschool co-op. We have a picnic next week. Oh and Aly’s science class continues for about 3more weeks but the rest of us our done. I’m actually looking forward to next year.

Yesterday I was cooking dinner, well actually preparing it. There wasn’t anything to cook because we had chicken salad sandwiches with fruit and raw veggies and really not good for you potato chips. Any way, I was thinking about Rachel Ray’s 30min meals and how they truly would only take 30min to prepare except she isn’t living my life. In the midst of getting supper ready I had about 3 potty breaks that didn’t involve me being on the potty, numerous times I heard myself say to the 1yo….you may not climb on the dining room table,Or “Chairs are for sitting, not for standing.”

At some point the phone rings and SiSi wants to know if friends can come play. I answered numerous questions..such as “When is daddy coming home?” “Can I watch the Jungle Book?”, “What’s for supper?” “Can I watch tv in your room.” “Guess what?” “Mom do you know where ______ is?”

All while redirecting the 1yo away from the cat litter box,trying to explain to the cat that she can eat the scraps of chicken in her bowl until I get someone to pick up some of her precious cat food and loading the dishwasher so my small kitchen counters don’t look like Mount Dirty Dishes grew from the flat surface underneath.

Yep, I might get to make a true 30minute meal one day….I’m guessing in about 18 years!


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  1. Glad things are better!  We’ve gotten hooked on watching Rachael Ray…. I love her meal ideas, but don’t think the kids would go for them much.  I got 3 of her books from the library.  Happy weekend!  ~Lori

  2. Glad to know my life is pretty typical…minus the cat. LOL!!! Then, someone asked me how long does it take for me to get ready to go anywhere. I’m still not really sure cause with little ones it seems like an all day thing. I take a shower while the two little ones are laying down for their morning naps. Soon, we’re doing school and trying to understand how the calendar works. Shortly after this, I do my skin care regiment for the morning even if it isn’t morning anymore. Then, after I have prepared some sort of lunch, I put Velcro rollers in my hair and if Eli is still asleep, I iron my clothes. Then, I feed the children and by this time even Eli is up. While everyone is eating, I do the dishes that I mostly likely didn’t do the night before (mostly because I do not get home from work till around 11:30 pm). Then, after everyone is finished eating, I send them to play in the play room and hold Eli while vacuuming the dining room and living room. Even if he is in a whole ‘nother room, he comes in crying wanting me to hold him. I think he might be scared of the vacuum cleaner. After this I put my foundation on and then hopefully Eli will play in the play room as well. Then I blow dry what hair is still wet in the rollers. Soon, it’s time for everyone to take a nap including the two younger ones. This is where I finish putting my makeup on and fixing my hair. And if I wasn’t able to iron my clothes, I do this now. Then I do some laundry, unload the dishwasher, set out something for supper (if it needs setting out) and wait till about 10 minutes before the sitter comes to put my clothes on. Of course, if I have to be anywhere in the morning hours, then it’s basically a mad dash to get myself and everyone ready. And then I play the “maybe I can wait till we get home to take a shower” game. LOL!!!! Of course, the questions are never ending and accidents happen. Just makes for an interesting day. HEHEHEHE!!! Like I said, glad to know we’re pretty normal. Love ya!

  3. HeHe That sounds like dinner prep time at my house! But in our case I have to stop my 2 year old from throwing the kitty litter all over the place!

  4. Hehehehe: “My girls are just going to watch and eat the snacks. Apparently their talents are hidden and they would like to keep them that way.” That just gave me a good giggle.

  5. Please, let’s see if those 30-minute meals really took that short amount of time to prepare, she has a staff to wash, shop, clean…we have something called kids & life! Where are you located now if not on my island city! I look forward to reading more of your entires. (I like your hidden talent comment too)

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