Ahh another great day

Despite the continuation of the NFL draft the day was really great.

We had our usual Sat. breakfast yesterday because Jorry had to go into work for a while and so did my brother(he is living with us for a bit). It was the adults and the littles. Aly was sleeping and SiSi had gone to spend the night with some friends.

While I was checking my email a portable basketball goal came up on our freecycle list. I responded hoping I actually had a chance. About an hour or so later I got an email that it was ours!!! So the guys went to pick it up. All it needed was a new net.

While they were picking that up SiSi and I went to the library. Aly stayed with the littles, one was sleeping and one was glued to her side watching her play on the computer. I really like having a child old enough and mature enough to babysit for 1-2hour lengths of time. She sent her requests for books with us to the library.

SiSi and I had a nice time looking for geology books. She loves rocks and wanted some to read through since she is also doing a project for 4H. We wound up picking out so many books for all of us that our bags were over flowing and HEAVY!! A very nice gentleman offered to carry two of our bags our to our van. That was nice because this pregnant mama would probably not have made it to the van with out many stops.

Oh and I found a CD there that I had been looking for for months!! I checked out a great Cd of children’s folk music last year and for the life of me could not remember the artists name nor the title of the CD. I knew though that if I saw the cover I would know the CD. So everytime we have gone to the library I have shuffled through the CDs to no avail. Then yesterday it was there!!!

Two Hands Hold The Earth by Sarah Pirtle

We also picked up her Heart of the World CD along with Raffi and a couple of others.

Then it was off to the grocery store for a few things and home to make supper.

While I was getting supper ready the kids were enjoying the basketball goal and the guys went off to Good Will to get some shirts for work. My husband came home with 5 shirts for under $8 and Josh came home with about the same.  

After supper Aly and I went out for some mom and daughter time. We had milkshakes at Steak N Shake and she had some fries. Ok so I had some too but not too many. Then we drove around and talked because Good Will was closed and she didn’t want to go home yet. We had fun talking and I’m glad we had the time to connect, just the two of us.

Ok off to read one of the many books we got yesterday to Emi.



One thought on “Ahh another great day

  1. The only part of the draft we actually saw was the Colts’ first pick.  *shrugs*  Not my cup of tea….
    Darci’s trying to get a job at the library!!!!  They’re hiring for 30 hours/week!  She wants it soooo badly b/c it’s right up her alley.
    Does Wed. still look possible for you?  As far as I know, I’m still good w/ it….just let me know.  Have a great day! ~ Lori

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