If we hadn’t had two really good days in a row prior to yesterday I probably would be throwing myself a pity party.

Yesterday was just not good.

Today will be better.

We have an early appointment to see an allergist today for Aly but she was refusing to go yesterday. So I tried to call yesterday to cancel it but had missed the office hours. Have been trying them this morning but they don’t open until 8am, which is when our appointment was. They also won’t let you leave a message.

I am at the point that if Aly doesn’t want to do what needs to be done to find out what is causing her excema and to follow the doctor’s instructions for taking care of it then I really don’t see what else I can do. She is as tall as me and is solid. I can’t/won’t man handle her to get her to go or to put on her cream or lotion. She hates that she has this but she won’t do what needs to be done and that just blows my mind. She thinks that because she has the hydrocortisone cream that she will be fine now. I have told her that once she runs out it will come back again because all it does is push it back into her body. If she would see the allergist we might find a solution to the problem. If she has an allergy we can work to avoid whatever it is and if she doesn’t then we would look at other treatments.

So, I wasn’t going to get up at 5:30am to get littles ready, deal with a grumpy 9yo and have to get myself ready only to have her refuse to get out of bed. And yes, I empathized, tried to help her with any fears or worries she might be having etc. She chose the challenging roller coaster and I am choosing not to ride.

Ok, I am off to do some laundry before the mountain explodes out of the laundry room and tries to take over the house.

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  1. @CrunchyMountainMomma – We had been using a homeopathic remedy for her that was doing great and then in the middle of the winter she had a huge flair up and it didn’t respond to being redosed. I called our homeopath who is out of state and she sent several new remedies. We tried one but with no response. So she suggested laying in a tanning bed(which we have done) and taking cod liver oil. It has improved but never cleared. As for an elimination diet that would go over like a lead balloon and at 6months pregnant I am not about to attempt that. Yep, I am a big chicken! LOL I just don’t want to deal with the added attitude that will come with the diet. It was bad enough hearing the lamenting about not being able to have mint while she was using the remedies. I’m open to any suggestions you might have for homeopathy….I have several remedies on hand.

  2. I thought of her the other day. Mine is bad right now too. Do you guys have dogs? I used to let our dog lick mine. It seemed to help. I know that’s pretty disgusting, but dogs automatically lick those places if they get around you. Apparently their saliva is full of antibiotics. I don’t know, I was just thinking if she’s a dog gal…maybe that’s a homeopathic treatment she wouldn’t mind! Good luck!

  3. Have you tried plain ole Olive Oil on the rash –  Honestly the alergy is most likely caused by wheat
    The comments you left where NOT out of line at all I apreciate you taking your time to consider my issua and offering solutions! Switching docs is not an option as it is a free service through MHMR but not going *is* an option – I get bi monthly Vit. B injections and even scheduled one the last day of my period last month and it didn’t seem to matter – I do take flax oil..
    Sorry you had a bad day that sucks! But I am confused what does the NFL draft have to do with things? We aren’t a sports family so I have no idea about this stuff… or is your Hubby involved in the NFL in some way?

  4. I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but does she use bar soap or body wash? I’ve been using B’s bar soap because the fragrance in my body wash makes me nauseous. I am positive it’s making my eczema worse. BTW: We need more belly shots from you, mama! When’s your due date again?

  5. @dancinmomma – We have used dove sensitive skin since she was diagnosed at 1yo. That might work for you! Sometimes she ventures out and uses the body stuff she gets for Christmas etc. and I know that will set things off. More belly shots will probably be posted this weekend. 😉 End of July is EDD. My ticker said 90 days left yesterday! I have to order my home birth kit in a few weeks.

  6. I can tell that you really want to got the homeopathic route…but Noah had excema as a baby. His was so severe that his whole body was nothing but a sore. He actually got herpes from one of the medicines that the dr gave him. I finally took him to a dermatologist. Well he prescribed somthing called Kenalog creme..and it’s the best thing in the whole world! Literally within days, it was clearing up. Now when he starts to have a breakout, I immediately start putting it on the spots and it goes away.  I have been told that allergies, excema, and asthma go hand in hand.  I don’t know if you remember Mrs. Connie Rheams who works at the school. But her granddaughter also has excema. We were talking about how bad Noah’s used to be. I brought her some of the creme just to try and she said by the end of the weekend…it was almost gone. So I guess once you exhaust all other resources…it might be something to try. It was a Godsend for Noah!

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