We went hunting for a swimsuit for Emi at good will yesterday. They only had one little girls suit and it wasn’t her size. I was really bummed. She did find a pair of shoes she liked…she is a shoeaholic at the ripe old age of 3. She did not get it from her mom.

We tried the other thrift store in town and didn’t find one there either. I might go to some further out today but the thought of spending the gas money makes it a slow decision.

Jorry came home last night to tell me that the owner of the new company he is working for has given us as much space as we want for an organic garden!!! Wooo hoooo. It means we have to drive to tend but not far. The fact that I will actually get to garden this year is just soo cool. I will also be helping our farmer friends with their organic garden this year. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge along with a bounty of veggies.

Jorry also landed a side job for this weekend. A timely bonus thank you God.

I am praying that we can find two offices to clean on the weekends so we can supplement our monthly income by $400 a month. This will allow us to rent something just a big bigger than what we are in now. We are also praying for a house to rent in the country.  Our neghborhood here is great and I would miss our wonderful neighbors but with #5 coming I am having a hard time stretching our space.

Ace had a rash on her stomach yesterday so I think she might have roseola. I noticed the rash after we got back from running around yesterday. It’s not there this morning though so maybe not.

We watched National Treasure Book of Secrets last night. Well, we tried. The littles were on one last night and it made watching it challenging. I was very frustrated. So much so that I decided to take Jorry up on the idea of going to the movies this weekend instead of out to eat. This way I will actually get to watch the whole thing without interruption. Dinner AND a movie would be great but the budget only allows for one. I was pushing for dinner until I tried to watch the movie. We produced a bunch of night owls so there is no putting the littles to bed and then watching the movie. Unless of course we want to start watching it at 10pm or later. And since, according to our oldest two we are “old” we would likely fall asleep watching it.

Despite all the drama during the movie it was good.

Have a great day!!


Ace had no fever all day yesterday after I posted. She might have been dealing with teeth but I’m still thinking virus. Who knows, I’m just glad she is better.

Aly experienced her first betrayal from a friend yesterday. My heart aches for her and this experience. I know that it is part of life but I still feel like she has some of the worst luck when it comes to friends. I am still praying that she finds a good genuine friend that she connects with. Finding one that knows how to honor boundries would be a good start!

I am almost 32weeks I think. I haven’t looked at my ticker lately but I think I am close. This means of course that I really need to order our birthing supplies. My midwife comes today so I will have to remember to ask her for the ordering information.

I am feeling very large and am having a hard time being an active mom. My energy is low and even though I have upped my iron I still feel non-plus about being a mom to 4 kiddos. Anytime I think about going to the park or getting out in the yard with the kids all I can think about is the protruding belly in front of me and how it makes everything a little more challenging to do. I am trying to remind myself that this is the last time I will experience the movements inside and the last time I will have a large belly that shows the world that I am carrying a new life. Still, I find the tv on more and my behind on the couch more often than I find myself living life with my kids.

This has taken me by surprise since the pregnancy has been the easiest of them all.

Maybe today we will make homemade playdough or something fun like that.

Wanna come play? Maybe your company would motivate my large pregnant self to engage in life!


Edited to add because I don’t want to forget…last night while on the couch Emi was snuggled up with me and she said “I love you mommy, you are my best mommy.”

Well the night wasn’t too bad. When I went to bed Ace’s temp was 102.8. She rested well until about 4am and then she had a hard time falling into a deep sleep. She drank down almost a full sippy cup of water. I feel bad because I know she isn’t getting much of anything when she nurses besides comfort.

When we woke up this morning her temp was down to 99.6. She is eating watermelon and watching Little Einsteins with her sister. There are no other symptoms. She took another dose of belladona for me. I couldn’t get her to take one last night when the temp was at its highest.

I’ll just watch her today. Probably just some virus her body is battling.



I’m Back

Not that I anticipated being gone. We had no internet connection for almost a week.

I haven’t even begun to catch up with everyone here.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. My brother and his girlfriend came over today for a cookout. We had chicken kabobs, honeylime marinated chicken breasts, sausage,and hot dogs. Then there was fried okra, baked beans, Vera’s salad, various cut up veggies and for dessert southern style banana pudding and/or yellow cake with chocolate frosting. 

Ace started running a fever right before her nap. It wasn’t high then but when she woke up it was 102. It decreased after a dose of homeopathic belladona but then went back up again. Although it wasn’t as high. She just cuddled and nursed and then fell back to sleep around 4pm. When she woke after that nap I tried to redose her but she wouldn’t take it. The fever did go down and she actually got out of my lap and walked around and then ate watermelon. I’m not sure what she is fighting off but I am prepared for a long night.

The bigs are away spending the night with friends. I mentioned to Jorry that while I wouldn’t change things, if we didn’t have the littles we would have the house to ourselves. He proceeded to say that we wouldn’t know what to do. I could think of a few things.

Oh I almost forgot. I took Aly swimsuit shopping Sat. It turned out a lot better than I had anticipated although her father wishes we had bought her the full body wet suit we had talked about. We went for a tankini but all of the ones at Target were a little to momish so we wound up with two bikinis. I could have gone to other stores but I liked what we found and since we had the littles with us hitting the one store was all I was up for. Remember I am 30weeks pregnant so just thinking about doing something like shopping is draining…forget actually doing it!!

She did agree to me buying her a wrap for when she isn’t in the water. This is for her dad who is having a hard time thinking about what boys will be thinking about his daughter. He only has to go through this 4 more times.

Ok so there is the mundane that is my life!


That was helpful….not!

Aly had her allergist appointment yesterday. We actually got out of the door on time, got gas, grabbed some food and headed there with time to spare for me to get lost as usual. I missed the last road, thinking it would be a large cross street when it was a small side street. Oh well it’s my life and I plan accordingly! LOL

We got there and met the allergist who was a nice enough guy in the beginning but by the end of the day when I had had time to reflect on the appointment was not the least bit helpful.

They did a skin test which was not as painful as Aly expected and she handled it just fine.

He kept saying “I usually see 6month olds with this condition not almost 13yo.” I wanted to say well she’s the exception so now you have to work beyond your scope and help us. I think he repeated that sentence about 3 times.

The test showed that she is allergic to dust mites. Come again?? He didn’t even test her for an allergy to brazil nuts after we told him she broke out in hives on her face after handling one. He then proceeds to tell me that he has never known dustmites to cause excema. So I ask him what symptoms she would be showing with an allergy to dustmites and he said sneezing fits, itchy eyes etc. None of these things are things that she deals with!! So now she supposedly has an allergy to dustmites and we still have no answers as to what is causing the excema.

Then to top things off he writes a prescription for a steriod cream and says “Don’t apply it to your face because it will make you ugly. You don’t care about making your arms ugly because they already are.”

Hello you inconsiderate oaf!! She already deals with depression and self confidence issues because her skin is so bad on her arms. She doesn’t need your stoopid remarks to make things worse. Ugh I should have said something but we just grabbed our things and left. I will NOT be filling the prescription anyway. We DO care about thinning the skin out on her arms and I do care about forcing the stuff back into her system and making her asthma worse.

So an entire day lost and no positive results to show from it except that we wont’ be returning to that office.

I did call our homeopath and we have a plan in place. Aly is in agreement, she doesn’t want to use the cream and she felt the last remedy she took made improvements so that is a positive. I redosed her last night and we will see how things go. I am also upping her cod liver oil intake, adding a B12 supplement and getting her back to the tanner a couple of times a week.

We got our stimulas check. Woo hoo we get to get caught up on bills. So much for us stimulating anything.

Oh and I learned last night that gas was $1.49gal when Bush took office. Can someone please explain to me why there seems to be nothing that can be done about the gas prices??? I think we should have a national boycott and all of us that can shouldn’t by gas and that all the truck drivers in this country should park their trucks.

I know, I know it won’t happen and my idea is probably completely flawed. I’m just frustrated that anything we think about doing is currently affected by how much gas it is going to take to get there.

Ok I will end my depressing post here.


I’m here but not here.

I finally got to start a project this weekend that I have been wanting to work on since last fall. It involves paint,a saw, wood, cloth and sewing. I will post pictures when I am done with the first one.

My belly is growing and I have reached the stage where no clothes feels best. I am sure that is more than some of you would like to know but hey this is me, what do you expect?

I knitted another dishcloth. It had a dolphin in it. Sorry no pictures.

I have to order the circular needles that I need so I can knit a wool soaker for this baby. Totally frustrating to only find one set of needles that I needed.

Hmm what else……

I will begin night weaning Ace tonight. I have to have more sleep and while tandem night nursing has happened in this house before I just don’t feel that I can bring myself to do it again.

Oh my little brother had to return something to Good Will yesterday and invited me along. My awesome husband stayed home with all of the kids. Josh took me out to eat..it was great. Then we went to the Good Will and I hit the jackpot on beach themed room decorations for Aly. She will be 13 next month and wants to have her room decorated. I got three bags of items for $16!!! One thing was a nice framed print with a picture of what else..the beach! Almost everything I picked up was the half off color. I also found some great half priced stuff for my brother’s apartment. He has declared that he is taking me more often!

SiSi’s soccer season ended. No wins again but she had fun. Apparently at the last game one of our friends(a mom) was really yelling for the girls and coacing them. She turned around to see my husband and brother back there and said “Sorry” like she shouldn’t have been doing what the coach was supposed to be doing. My brother said “Well, someone needs to coach them.” I guess the coach was just sitting on the bench the entire game not giving any instruction at all. If things work out Josh is thinking about volunteering to coach in the fall. He will make a great coach.

Emi is 3.5. For those of you who have walked the path of having a 3.5 year old I don’t think I need to expound. For those of you who don’t have kids I think you could become quite rich if you could find a way to skip the 3rd year all together.

I also think that it is ultimately wrong to have to parent a 3.5yo and an almost 13yo at the same time.

I am off to start some laundry since I didn’t do any all weekend.

Have a great day!!

I am well now. Yucky couple of days.

I have officially decided that I will not be celebrating Mother’s Day next year.

My family loves me but the day never turns out the way I have it in my mind. It’s not even a day involving having to spend money. <sigh>

I always come away from the day being bummed about how it went or didn’t go.

So I will send a card to my mom and he will send one to his and we will call it just another day. This way I won’t have to wade through big emotions. It’s just better that way. And no, it isn’t because I am pregnant, this happens every Mother’s Day.

Let’s see what else is going on.

I am working on another dishcloth. It’s almost done but Ace got a hold of it yesterday and I have some repair work to do.

Aly and I are reading Pride and Prejudice. We got through the first 5 chapters yesterday. It is challenging to read at times and I find myself having to slow down and really chew on the words.

Sisi is having some problems with her mood disorder so we are working on some remedies. This reminds me that I need to call my homeopath today.

The littles and I had a great morning yesterday. We played with silks and pretend to be butterflies. Then we pretended to be different animals. We played with their kitchen and made some kickin’ imaginary spaghetti. Then we listened to a cd from the library.

Life calls so I will end here.


Just wanted to edit and say that I did tell them exactly what I wanted. That in and of itself is what causes the big emotions because there is no guessing and they still don’t get it.


I’ve been sick since yesterday. Stomach yuck.

Feeling very large and pregnant and also very hot. This is not good since summer has not even truly begun.

I got a body pillow for mother’s day. Not what every mom would ask for but it is what this pregnant, can’t sleep well mama wanted.

I wanna feel better!

The End

 I have a lot to catch up on since my last post.

Friday afternoon I went to have a massage!! It was wonderful and so relaxing. Anna you rock!! I’m sorry for talking your ear off.

Emi my ever so attached 3yo really connected with her daughter D. It was fun to watch her conversate and play.

I do need to see a chriopractor but that probably won’t happen due to a lack of funds.

Friday night was SiSi’s soccer game. They lost by one point. We are really frustrated with the coach this year. He spends time on the phone during practice and during games. This past game he even conversated with his son while the game was going on. When he turned around he was lost as to where the action was. I appreciate all the volunteers because without them we wouldn’t have the league but it is really frustrating for him to be so disconnected.

Sat. SiSi and I went out to hit some garage sales. There were NONE locally. So we hit a thrift store where I found some cloth napkins and a pair of shorts for Aly. All their hanging clothes were $1! The proceeds made go to support the women and children’s shelter in our town. We also checked out Good Will where she found a wallet. Then we went to the library to pick up a book that was in and they were having a book sale. Of course I came home with 3 new books.

Sunday was good too but I can’t remember any details right now.


Monday the girls started making a movie that takes place during  WWII. They recruited two or three neighbor girls to play parts. The garage is their studio. Aly has also done research of the time period to learn about clothing and other things. She downloads what  she films and is piecing it together each afternoon. Unschooling in action.

Tuesday I started to knit a dishcloth. It is my first ever. I finished just a few minutes ago. I like it and hope to make more for gift giving this year. The only problem is the edges curled and I don’t know why. All you pro knitters that read here can you tell me why?

Pattern is courtesy of this website which I was told about by crunchymountainmama. The yarn is courtesy of WriterDebNJ!


It has a turtle design in the center. I love turtles.



This one shows the acutal color of the yarn. It is very creamy.


Have a great day!




Belly Shots…for those who have been asking.

  Ok Aly took some quick ones yesterday.

We are getting closer. Today I go for a massage from a mama in my AP group. I am excited to meet her and her children and to have someone work on this sad state of a back I have this pregnancy.





We didn’t have time to set up a drop cloth. I think I will ask Aly for a photoshoot this weekend and we will set up the dark maroon sheet we have. Unless of course I find a black one while garage saleing this weekend.

I am sooo excited about garage sale season. Here are some things I am looking for:

  • wool yarn
  • knitting needles
  • tie dye kit
  • doll sized umbrella stroller
  • wooden toys
  • infant sun hats
  • summer shoes for me
  • books(of course)
  • music CDs for the kids
  • material to make a quilt for my brother
  • gardening tools
  • picnic table
  • craft supplies

That is all I can think of now. When we hit all the sales for the day we usually try to hit Good Will and some of the consignment shops. Then I try a midweek trip to Good Will because by then they usually have brought out the leftovers from the previous weekends garage sales that people dropped off.

Can anyone tell me how I create a list in my side bar so I can share the blogs that I like to read that aren’t on xanga? I’m sure it’s an HTML thing…I need that book HTML for dummies!

Oh the picnic was fun! It was windy though so lots of running after things that weren’t weighted down.It looks like the one mom who was also a babywearing,cloth diapering mama may be moving and so is the only other unschooling family! Any of you crunchy moms want to come to my co-op next year??


Have a great day!!!