Belly Shots…for those who have been asking.

  Ok Aly took some quick ones yesterday.

We are getting closer. Today I go for a massage from a mama in my AP group. I am excited to meet her and her children and to have someone work on this sad state of a back I have this pregnancy.





We didn’t have time to set up a drop cloth. I think I will ask Aly for a photoshoot this weekend and we will set up the dark maroon sheet we have. Unless of course I find a black one while garage saleing this weekend.

I am sooo excited about garage sale season. Here are some things I am looking for:

  • wool yarn
  • knitting needles
  • tie dye kit
  • doll sized umbrella stroller
  • wooden toys
  • infant sun hats
  • summer shoes for me
  • books(of course)
  • music CDs for the kids
  • material to make a quilt for my brother
  • gardening tools
  • picnic table
  • craft supplies

That is all I can think of now. When we hit all the sales for the day we usually try to hit Good Will and some of the consignment shops. Then I try a midweek trip to Good Will because by then they usually have brought out the leftovers from the previous weekends garage sales that people dropped off.

Can anyone tell me how I create a list in my side bar so I can share the blogs that I like to read that aren’t on xanga? I’m sure it’s an HTML thing…I need that book HTML for dummies!

Oh the picnic was fun! It was windy though so lots of running after things that weren’t weighted down.It looks like the one mom who was also a babywearing,cloth diapering mama may be moving and so is the only other unschooling family! Any of you crunchy moms want to come to my co-op next year??


Have a great day!!!






7 thoughts on “Belly Shots…for those who have been asking.

  1. Aly did a great job!  We’re looking forward to some garage sales too.  I should actually make a list of things I want to look for too.  That’s a good idea!  Happy weekend!

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