I am well now. Yucky couple of days.

I have officially decided that I will not be celebrating Mother’s Day next year.

My family loves me but the day never turns out the way I have it in my mind. It’s not even a day involving having to spend money. <sigh>

I always come away from the day being bummed about how it went or didn’t go.

So I will send a card to my mom and he will send one to his and we will call it just another day. This way I won’t have to wade through big emotions. It’s just better that way. And no, it isn’t because I am pregnant, this happens every Mother’s Day.

Let’s see what else is going on.

I am working on another dishcloth. It’s almost done but Ace got a hold of it yesterday and I have some repair work to do.

Aly and I are reading Pride and Prejudice. We got through the first 5 chapters yesterday. It is challenging to read at times and I find myself having to slow down and really chew on the words.

Sisi is having some problems with her mood disorder so we are working on some remedies. This reminds me that I need to call my homeopath today.

The littles and I had a great morning yesterday. We played with silks and pretend to be butterflies. Then we pretended to be different animals. We played with their kitchen and made some kickin’ imaginary spaghetti. Then we listened to a cd from the library.

Life calls so I will end here.


Just wanted to edit and say that I did tell them exactly what I wanted. That in and of itself is what causes the big emotions because there is no guessing and they still don’t get it.



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  1. I’ve decided it’s totally pointless to have any expectations for holidays or birthdays, period.  Unless we specifically say, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT”, they just don’t think like we do.  I felt that way on my birthday, & Mother’s Day just kinda followed the same.  It was totally a surprise when Caitlin said she & Darci wanted to take me out.    *They* get it… maybe b/c of their age?  Although, Taryn asked me this morning if it was still Mother’s Day….
    Anyway…. hope you have a good day!

  2. Well this year I said I want to …. and it was a very peaceful, restive day! I did try to be specific about how I wanted to spend the day nothing big . We just watched Sense and Sensibility. My oldest liked it. We will watch Pride and Prejudice next then if she chooses to read it great if not no big deal. I haven’t read them but love the movies.

  3. Well, you’re not alone. I told them exactly what I wanted, we spoke about it Saturday night, and then Sunday – NOTHING! I got mad, sad, cried, felt sorry for myself, was jealous. Yuck! I was going to write about it, but it was just too yucky to relive. And I’m not pregnant either. I think treating it like any other day would be best. If I can let go of my expectations – which aren’t very high. Oh well.Glad you’re feeling better.Once you get hooked on Jane Austen, you’re hooked for life. Has Aly seen BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice. Now that would be a good way to spend Mother’s Day. Alone, with that DVD and a pot of tea.

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