I’m here but not here.

I finally got to start a project this weekend that I have been wanting to work on since last fall. It involves paint,a saw, wood, cloth and sewing. I will post pictures when I am done with the first one.

My belly is growing and I have reached the stage where no clothes feels best. I am sure that is more than some of you would like to know but hey this is me, what do you expect?

I knitted another dishcloth. It had a dolphin in it. Sorry no pictures.

I have to order the circular needles that I need so I can knit a wool soaker for this baby. Totally frustrating to only find one set of needles that I needed.

Hmm what else……

I will begin night weaning Ace tonight. I have to have more sleep and while tandem night nursing has happened in this house before I just don’t feel that I can bring myself to do it again.

Oh my little brother had to return something to Good Will yesterday and invited me along. My awesome husband stayed home with all of the kids. Josh took me out to eat..it was great. Then we went to the Good Will and I hit the jackpot on beach themed room decorations for Aly. She will be 13 next month and wants to have her room decorated. I got three bags of items for $16!!! One thing was a nice framed print with a picture of what else..the beach! Almost everything I picked up was the half off color. I also found some great half priced stuff for my brother’s apartment. He has declared that he is taking me more often!

SiSi’s soccer season ended. No wins again but she had fun. Apparently at the last game one of our friends(a mom) was really yelling for the girls and coacing them. She turned around to see my husband and brother back there and said “Sorry” like she shouldn’t have been doing what the coach was supposed to be doing. My brother said “Well, someone needs to coach them.” I guess the coach was just sitting on the bench the entire game not giving any instruction at all. If things work out Josh is thinking about volunteering to coach in the fall. He will make a great coach.

Emi is 3.5. For those of you who have walked the path of having a 3.5 year old I don’t think I need to expound. For those of you who don’t have kids I think you could become quite rich if you could find a way to skip the 3rd year all together.

I also think that it is ultimately wrong to have to parent a 3.5yo and an almost 13yo at the same time.

I am off to start some laundry since I didn’t do any all weekend.

Have a great day!!


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  1. Caitlin got 5 pants & 5 shirts at Goodwill last week.  She just told me this morning that she wants to go back for more shirts.  I also wanna take Cam to see if we can find a dress for her awards banquet.  I’m keeping an eye open for some new dresses for me…
    I’ve always thought that you should ship kids off from the ages of 2 to 18.    Seems like 6, 9, 15, &  17 are my biggest issue years.  Have a great day!  ~Lori

  2. Dear JoAnn, I find you to be elegant in a great many ways.
    Mark Twain said (paraphrasing here) that teens should be placed in a barrel at the age of 13 and fed through the bung hole until they are 16. When they are 16 the bung should be stopped up. I tend to agree.
    Having said that, I would predict that your Aly will get into less than you got into. =) I say that in love, sweetheart, with a smile on my face. Truly I am thinking of how she has been raised by you more than I am speculating about your teen years. You are doing such a good job with these girls.
    I am proud of you.
    Daddy Hat

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