That was helpful….not!

Aly had her allergist appointment yesterday. We actually got out of the door on time, got gas, grabbed some food and headed there with time to spare for me to get lost as usual. I missed the last road, thinking it would be a large cross street when it was a small side street. Oh well it’s my life and I plan accordingly! LOL

We got there and met the allergist who was a nice enough guy in the beginning but by the end of the day when I had had time to reflect on the appointment was not the least bit helpful.

They did a skin test which was not as painful as Aly expected and she handled it just fine.

He kept saying “I usually see 6month olds with this condition not almost 13yo.” I wanted to say well she’s the exception so now you have to work beyond your scope and help us. I think he repeated that sentence about 3 times.

The test showed that she is allergic to dust mites. Come again?? He didn’t even test her for an allergy to brazil nuts after we told him she broke out in hives on her face after handling one. He then proceeds to tell me that he has never known dustmites to cause excema. So I ask him what symptoms she would be showing with an allergy to dustmites and he said sneezing fits, itchy eyes etc. None of these things are things that she deals with!! So now she supposedly has an allergy to dustmites and we still have no answers as to what is causing the excema.

Then to top things off he writes a prescription for a steriod cream and says “Don’t apply it to your face because it will make you ugly. You don’t care about making your arms ugly because they already are.”

Hello you inconsiderate oaf!! She already deals with depression and self confidence issues because her skin is so bad on her arms. She doesn’t need your stoopid remarks to make things worse. Ugh I should have said something but we just grabbed our things and left. I will NOT be filling the prescription anyway. We DO care about thinning the skin out on her arms and I do care about forcing the stuff back into her system and making her asthma worse.

So an entire day lost and no positive results to show from it except that we wont’ be returning to that office.

I did call our homeopath and we have a plan in place. Aly is in agreement, she doesn’t want to use the cream and she felt the last remedy she took made improvements so that is a positive. I redosed her last night and we will see how things go. I am also upping her cod liver oil intake, adding a B12 supplement and getting her back to the tanner a couple of times a week.

We got our stimulas check. Woo hoo we get to get caught up on bills. So much for us stimulating anything.

Oh and I learned last night that gas was $1.49gal when Bush took office. Can someone please explain to me why there seems to be nothing that can be done about the gas prices??? I think we should have a national boycott and all of us that can shouldn’t by gas and that all the truck drivers in this country should park their trucks.

I know, I know it won’t happen and my idea is probably completely flawed. I’m just frustrated that anything we think about doing is currently affected by how much gas it is going to take to get there.

Ok I will end my depressing post here.



9 thoughts on “That was helpful….not!

  1. Can you file a complaint?  Maybe w/ the BBB or some medical governing board?  I wouldn’t be going back either!  Casey has his football physical today.  I don’t really like his Dr. either, but he only sees him for physicals.  I’m afraid, if he starts in on how small Casey is for 17, I may just yell at him today.    Don’t people realize how their words affect others?  Gah!

  2. That guy definitely needs to be reported. Ugh!!!
    I hope you will get a second opinion. I can tell you from experience that there are wonderful pediatric allergists out there.

  3. I know it’s frustrating when medical professionals who we think should be smart aren’t. They really are just humans too. And yes, I’m with you on the gas prices. They know we need it and can’t live without it.

  4. I would never go back to someone like that. Ugh! My younger daughter, Sophie, has dealt with eczema since she was eight months old and we never ran into such insensitivity (at least from doctors — we got looks and rude comments galore from the average person the street though). Gaagh! The cream will definitely work though — it will at least reduce the flare ups — we used it in moderation on Sophie. It’s been fortunate for her that she’s gradually outgrown eczcema. When it warms up though she has trouble spots and we use Mimyx to calm things back down — we also use a tablespoon of bleach in her bathwater to heal up any open sores — it’s remarkable and ridiculously simple. lol. Good luck and may your daughter find a treatment that works for her — it’s such a strange condition that affects different people in different ways. What works for one person won’t work for another and it’s quite the adventure finding precisely what will help your child the most.

  5. that doc sounds like a complete idiot!! if I were you, I would be sending a huge complaint in. My husband works in the department that deals with complaints at our hospital and they do get dealt with. So don’t feel it would fall apon deaf ears. Good luck with the homeopathy. {{{hugs}}}
    by the way…how much longer till your new little bean gets ready to meet you all?

  6. Why that @@#%&*#@ screw him!!!!
    Try neem (soap or oil diluted with another oil as it stinks) you can buy the oil at Whole foods,the soap at an indian food store usually.It is an indian plant used to treat skin problems. It is used for everything,I am not kidding-google it. All 3 of my kids get excema, one has asthma and I also use this,fish oil suppliments(chewy ones at Target)and lots of fluids. I found green smoothies(always green vegs  in the blender with fruit and agave to sweeten have help the youngest hands alot,I really feel it has to something to do with them not digesting the vitamins they need . I had all mine allregy tested too and I don’t think it helped at all. Good luck,tell that beautiful girl she is not alone!!

  7. I’m so sorry you had such a miserable time with the allergist. What a jerk. And even when they’re jerks you have to pay them.I hear you about gas prices. No answers, but we sure feel it.

  8. Boy, how frustrating to have a doctor who is an inconsiderate jerk. Been down that road. Of course it’s usually my doctor and not the kids. Of course if someone had said that to my daughter, I probably would have smarted off in the nicest way possible. LOL!!!On the gas issue – I’m pretty sure the increase has had more to do with the war than President Bush. Although I’m not against the war either, just know that Iraq hasn’t been “civil” over the years. So of course our gas prices will go up. And if these dumb environmentalists would get off of it, we could actually get our own oil off of our own land. Sorry, having issues with people who make a big deal about things that aren’t as serious as they perceive. Of course, when it comes down to it, I would rather have high gas prices than terrorists attacking our homeland. Call me crazy!

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