I’m Back

Not that I anticipated being gone. We had no internet connection for almost a week.

I haven’t even begun to catch up with everyone here.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. My brother and his girlfriend came over today for a cookout. We had chicken kabobs, honeylime marinated chicken breasts, sausage,and hot dogs. Then there was fried okra, baked beans, Vera’s salad, various cut up veggies and for dessert southern style banana pudding and/or yellow cake with chocolate frosting. 

Ace started running a fever right before her nap. It wasn’t high then but when she woke up it was 102. It decreased after a dose of homeopathic belladona but then went back up again. Although it wasn’t as high. She just cuddled and nursed and then fell back to sleep around 4pm. When she woke after that nap I tried to redose her but she wouldn’t take it. The fever did go down and she actually got out of my lap and walked around and then ate watermelon. I’m not sure what she is fighting off but I am prepared for a long night.

The bigs are away spending the night with friends. I mentioned to Jorry that while I wouldn’t change things, if we didn’t have the littles we would have the house to ourselves. He proceeded to say that we wouldn’t know what to do. I could think of a few things.

Oh I almost forgot. I took Aly swimsuit shopping Sat. It turned out a lot better than I had anticipated although her father wishes we had bought her the full body wet suit we had talked about. We went for a tankini but all of the ones at Target were a little to momish so we wound up with two bikinis. I could have gone to other stores but I liked what we found and since we had the littles with us hitting the one store was all I was up for. Remember I am 30weeks pregnant so just thinking about doing something like shopping is draining…forget actually doing it!!

She did agree to me buying her a wrap for when she isn’t in the water. This is for her dad who is having a hard time thinking about what boys will be thinking about his daughter. He only has to go through this 4 more times.

Ok so there is the mundane that is my life!



One thought on “I’m Back

  1. Hope Ace is feeling better today!  I kinda feel the same way about shopping… & I’m not even pregnant!  I need to take Camryn to find a dress for her awards banquet… ugh…..
    Have a great day!  ~ Lori

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