Well the night wasn’t too bad. When I went to bed Ace’s temp was 102.8. She rested well until about 4am and then she had a hard time falling into a deep sleep. She drank down almost a full sippy cup of water. I feel bad because I know she isn’t getting much of anything when she nurses besides comfort.

When we woke up this morning her temp was down to 99.6. She is eating watermelon and watching Little Einsteins with her sister. There are no other symptoms. She took another dose of belladona for me. I couldn’t get her to take one last night when the temp was at its highest.

I’ll just watch her today. Probably just some virus her body is battling.




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  1. Maybe she is teething? Or maybe she is just sometimes a hothead like her Grandpa Hat. =)
    Thank you for your comment. It made my day. I had been worrying about you that morning for some reason. I did what I always do when that happens. I pray a lot. Your comment seemed like an answer to that praying.
    My hands. I sometimes catch my sisters staring at my hands. My hands remind them strongly of my Daddy. I make sure my hands hold theirs and pat their backs and sometimes smooth their hair with these hands. Just because I know what they see when they see these hands. Myself, I see the bent index fingers and the slightly deformed ends of my pinky fingers and a few of the more memorable scars. A wedding band, much worn down, on the left one. An anniversary ring, much prettier, on the right. But I like that seeing them reminds my sisters of my Daddy. I like that seeing those hands on tv made you think of me. It runs in the family, I guess.
    Daddy Hat

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