We went hunting for a swimsuit for Emi at good will yesterday. They only had one little girls suit and it wasn’t her size. I was really bummed. She did find a pair of shoes she liked…she is a shoeaholic at the ripe old age of 3. She did not get it from her mom.

We tried the other thrift store in town and didn’t find one there either. I might go to some further out today but the thought of spending the gas money makes it a slow decision.

Jorry came home last night to tell me that the owner of the new company he is working for has given us as much space as we want for an organic garden!!! Wooo hoooo. It means we have to drive to tend but not far. The fact that I will actually get to garden this year is just soo cool. I will also be helping our farmer friends with their organic garden this year. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge along with a bounty of veggies.

Jorry also landed a side job for this weekend. A timely bonus thank you God.

I am praying that we can find two offices to clean on the weekends so we can supplement our monthly income by $400 a month. This will allow us to rent something just a big bigger than what we are in now. We are also praying for a house to rent in the country.  Our neghborhood here is great and I would miss our wonderful neighbors but with #5 coming I am having a hard time stretching our space.

Ace had a rash on her stomach yesterday so I think she might have roseola. I noticed the rash after we got back from running around yesterday. It’s not there this morning though so maybe not.

We watched National Treasure Book of Secrets last night. Well, we tried. The littles were on one last night and it made watching it challenging. I was very frustrated. So much so that I decided to take Jorry up on the idea of going to the movies this weekend instead of out to eat. This way I will actually get to watch the whole thing without interruption. Dinner AND a movie would be great but the budget only allows for one. I was pushing for dinner until I tried to watch the movie. We produced a bunch of night owls so there is no putting the littles to bed and then watching the movie. Unless of course we want to start watching it at 10pm or later. And since, according to our oldest two we are “old” we would likely fall asleep watching it.

Despite all the drama during the movie it was good.

Have a great day!!



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  1. Congrats on the garden space & the weekend side job!!!!
    That movie is totally worth seeing!  We all liked it better than the first one & even bought it the other day.  Have a great day! ~ Lori

  2. Hey, that’s great about the space for a garden. I went shopping for swimming suits. Depressing. They had string bikinis for little girls (mine are 7 and 10). I don’t mind a 2 piece like a tankini. And then I had to get mad about the padded bras in the girls’ section (7-14 size). Maybe I should try good wills stores – less to get mad about.We still get interrupted constantly while trying to watch movies. Maybe after they’re all grown???

  3. So busy! That’s great about the garden space! I clean houses as one of my three jobs. I just got a call to clean a vacant house this morning! I was happy about that. When is your baby due? I didn’t read back to find out. Thanks for your comments.

  4. it’s funny that you mention starting a garden now, since most of the gardens here in hot and sunny Mississippi are just about ready for the pickin’

  5. Good morning, sweetheart. I am most emphatically not a night owl. I am up before the sun most days. I would surely fall asleep if the movie started at ten. Mrs Hat, on the other hand, is the night owl of all night owls. As you get older that becomes more pronounced I think. It makes scheduling quite a challenge. That may be why we never had a number five come to think of it. =) In all honesty the twins are the reason we never had number five.
    I am excited about your garden. Now I will be thinking of you especially when I am in mine.
    Have a wonderful day and know that you are loved.
    Daddy Hat

  6. Hey, I would like your midwife rec. I’m still praying about what to do. I spent a long time reading through your old posts…looking for the one about your home birth experience. You do realize the fever preceding the rash is all related…I’m sure you realize that…mine used to do that…but usually after immunizations, which I don’t think you do…I need to read that book you were reading…I have other friends that have suggested that I read that one. Anyway, I’m feeling great these days, how about you? (Besides the conflict with the belly size impeding activities.) How’s your back?

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