Super quick entry.

My friend Stacy is going to send me a picture of the altered book pages I did. Just waiting to get it. When it arrives I will share….I promise.

Heading out to meet some other unschooling families today. I am looking forward to meeting other families where my girls will actually have a chance to meet other kids that get to live the way they do.

I finished the wool soaker!! It went fast. I have a couple of places where I messed up but it won’t keep it from working.


DSC07248 DSC07249 DSC07252

 Yesterday I got to go to a new friends house where I learned about altered books. What a totally cool artistic expression that I might even be able to do. It may be taboo for some since you alter a book but there are so many at good will and library sales that just wind up getting tossed. I  think this is a great way to reinvent them and even have a cool way of giving a unique gift.

I was thinking that I could find one to alter and include pictures of the kids and poetry etc and gift it to family members. Then it is something they can look through and enjoy anytime they want to. Positive memories in artistic form.

For the pages I altered yesterday I used pieces of scrapbook paper and pictures of myself and all my girls. I framed up a quote that was already in the book and then decorated the page with cut out flowers from the scrapbook paper. Sorry no picture to show you but I think it turned out pretty cool considering it was the first time I had done something like this.

The girls had fun while they were there. Ace wound up with a busted lip from trying to climb on a chair but she was fine after a couple of minutes. Then she proceeded to come home and hit her mouth on the floor and added a goose egg to her forehead for good measure. I was glad I picked up the bottle of arnica from the health food store Monday.

The bigs had sleepovers away from home.

I worked on my wool soaker and have the waist band done but I am stuck now. I’m supposed to increase by 4 and I don’t know if that is 4 stitches created at one time or a stitch added for 4rounds. I looked online but can’t find the help I need. Plenty of videos on how to actually make the stitch which is only part of what I need.

I appreciate any help from seasoned knitters.


Have a great day!!!

I got to attend a mama blessing last night. First let me say how incredibly lucky I feel to be a part of the Attachement Parenting community in this area. It is something that I have wanted to be a part of for a long time and never thought I would find it here. It was cool to contribute and be an active member. God works in mysterious ways.

Each mama brought a bead for the pregnant mama’s labor necklace. A length of wire was cut for the necklace and then we all added our beads explaining why we chose it and the blessings we wanted it to represent.

There was a time of meditation and the we all took a length of yarn to add a bead to for ourselves We tied them on our wrists to remind us to think of and pray for the mama. A mom there read a poem.

Then we ate. Always a good thing!

Then we took out the henna and a few different people painted the mama’s belly. We each added a word to our wrists in henna that we wanted for the mom during labor. I wrote peace, others had strength, love, joy etc. We also signed up for meals afterwards and offers of child care etc. Ahhhh community!!!

My friend Pam and I had to scoot before all of the henna painting was done. We had estimated being home by 10pm… was 11pm by the time I drove into the drive way. Jorry was awesome and kept all of the kids for me so I could have some mom time.

It was really cool to talk about birth and experiences and to just smile and laugh and be. I met some moms that I had only known online and that was great. Most I already knew.

It was very nourishing to my soul.

My blessing will be in a couple of weeks and I am so excited to just get together with these friends again.




Yesterday was an absolutely awesome mail day!!!

Sisi went out to grab it while I was on the phone and when she brought it in I could see two envelopes and they were addressed to me. Sisi wanted to open them but I LOVE to get mail that isn’t bills so when it’s addressed to me I don’t share, kind of like I don’t share my chocolate well.

I had to wait until I was finished on the phone. I was talking to another mom about henna art and we were working to get things in place to do some henna on a mama’s belly tonight at her blessingway. That should be a lot of fun tonight. I am glad to be a part of it.

Ok back to the packages. The first one I opened was from a fellow paperback swapper. I had requested a new book for our library. All About Turtles by Jim Arnosky. If you haven’t discovered this author he is worth checking out. He is a naturalist and an artist and combines his passions into some great books. I am slowly working on owning all that he has done.

The second package had me guessing because I didn’t recognize the last name on the address. At first I thought it might be a bead for my labor necklace from one of the moms on a message board I am part of. Then as I opened it I new exactly who had been sneaky and sent it to me!! Inside I found the circular knitting needles that I need in order to knit a soaker for this new baby!! You ROCK Deb and please tell Amanda thank you as well!! That so made my day. I hope to be able to bless you just as much one day!!

I didn’t get a chane to work on my pattern until after my husband was home for the day. I have the stiches cast on but that was all I was able to do. I had to look up what it meant to join the stitches. I have never knitted in the round so this will be a great learning experience.



While Jorry’s grandmother was here we hit the Children’s Museum for a couple of hours. Then on the way home we stopped and had a great meal courtesy of Grandma Marty! The visit was great. The littles warmed up to her right away and Emi even wanted to sleep out in the living room with her the first night.





A visit, a random thought and a tag

Jorry’s grandmother comes for a visit today. She is such an awesome lady. Not only does she call me her granddaughter but we are also friends. She loves family history and loves to share it with me. She knits, quilts,sews and hunts. Yes hunts. I know that is taboo for some but her family has never been without food at their table ever. She decided early in her marriage that if she was going to be with her husband she was going to have to learn how to hunt. Now in her 70s she is still as good a shot as ever and can still cook the most awesome pheasant. Her visit will be way too short.

A random thought I had last night while in the bathroom. My youngest was knocking on the door the entire time and calling my name. I assured her that I would be out in a minute and that I would be coming out that door. Then it occured to me. If a mom had invented the bathroom and proceeded with the design each and every bathroom would have a secret escape hatch.


I was tagged a looooong time ago by momma2her and missed it. So I am now catching up and adding it here.

7 weird things about me:

1. I collect sticky notes. All colors,shapes and sizes. I have them in my van and located at various other spots around the house.

2. I am from the south but I do not have an accent. Although I can turn it on if need be.

3. If I am having a bout of insomnia I can usually get back to sleep if I lay down at the opposite end of the bed.

4. When I brush my teeth I wet the toothbrush, apply toothpaste and then wet it again.

5. I most often sneeze three times in a row and it is always very loud.

6.My pinky toes are so small they are almost non-existent.

7. I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 32 years old.


I tag anyone that wants to participate!!

Have a great weekend

Life feels slow right now which is probably not a bad thing.

I am supposed to be helping in the garden out at the farm but I have no one to watch the littles. I am very bummed about this. If they come I get nothing done that is productive. I spend most of my time keeping them from stepping on the plants.

We did get a few veggie plants and put them in pots. Our tomatos are growing well and so are the cucumbers and the chile peppers. Our bell peppers however aren’t fairing very well. I need to feed them all.

I can’t think of anything else to write and all of sudden I really want to go lay down.

Houston We Have a Teenager!!!

I spent yesterday morning making a great slide show of my first born and I cannot for the life of me get it to embed here. Hopefully I will be able to just make it on our computer and share it by tomorrow.

Aly is now officially a teenager!!!!!!

Her dad and I are now officially trying to figure out how to hold back the sands of time.

I only cried once. Not too bad for a hormonal pregnant mommy.

She is almost as tall as me. She is a beautiful young woman and we are so proud of her.

I think she had a great day yesterday. She created her blog here at xanga and also started her facebook page.

We gave her her gifts last night and then took her out to eat at Applebees. She is wearing makeup now and her daddy is learning how to adjust to that. So far she is doing a nice job. She decided last night that she won’t be wearing eyeliner. Her dad will be glad because he likes the natural look the best. However he is being totally cool and not saying a word to her about it.

We gave her a digital camera. She loves photography. I think she has posted some of her pics on her blog already. I think she has a great eye and am hoping to find a photgrapher for her to apprentice with.

Next weekend will be her birthday party. Swimming at the public pool and then cake at the park afterwards. No pressure to have the house in order!! Woot! Prayers and positive thoughts for good weather appreciated.

Last day of being 12


Hello 13!!!



Toilet seat, possum, 3yo OH MY!

What do all three of those things have in common? Why me, of course. I bet you were thinking the 3yo found a possum and it was sitting on our toilet seat. Close but no cigar.

The toilet seat in the main bathroom of the house has been broken for oh about a week or more now. I have reconciled myself to the fact that while my husband is handy he is a man.  90% of the time when a man walks into the bathroom he doesn’t lift the seat much less sit down on it. So a broken seat only comes to his mind 10% of his bathroom use, where as it comes to mind 100% of the time as a woman and is definitely more apparent when she is pregnant and spends what feels like 90% of her day in the bathroom. So the replacement of the toilet seat had fallen into my lap. While picking up some stain removal product from the Family Dollar last night I happened down the aisle where low and behold that stock toilet seats. Who would have thought I could find a toilet seat at Family Dollar?? Not I. So elated, almost too elated, I grabbed one and headed out to pay for my items. I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit so I made sure I could return it even if I had opened it. I was told I could. So smiling what I am sure is the cheesiest smile I headed out with my toilet seat.

It wasn’t until after Ace fell asleep that I got the chance to begin my replacement project. I think it was close to 11pm. Sisi was asleep, Aly and Emi were up in the living room. I found the wrench in a basket over the washing machine and set to work on what I thought would be an easy job.

Removing the actual seat was easy it was no longer securely attached to the hinges so it just slips off. Made for some fun bathroom breaks these last couple of weeks. Nothing like have a toilet seat slip out from underneath your behind while you are 8months pregnant! The next step was to undo the plastic lug nut from the long screws that held the seat in place. I tried doing this just by feeling for the lug nut and turning. Didn’t work. So in my glorious largeness I proceeded to sit on the bathroom floor and wedge (no joke) myself between the tub and the toilet. I am sure it was one for America’s funniest home videos but I have no tape to prove it. While I am down there I am thinking to myself that it was a good thing I cleaned the bathroom today. All the while the 3yo is asking me 20 questions. This wasn’t a problem until I began trying to turn the lug nut and it WOULD NOT BUDGE! So there I lay trying to figure out what I was going to do because come hell or high water I was going to finish the job. After I don’t know 15min down there I had to come up for air. All this time Emi has been asking the same questions over and over and I have just not been the cool unschooling mom that I usually am. HA! I finally ask her to stop touching everything and just watch.

I rewedge myself down on the floor again and try again. I got it to move some but not much. I figured since the lug nut and the screw are plastic maybe I can just break them. No luck. So I get up to search for my husbands tool box. It used to me in our walk in closet but it wasn’t there. So I head out to our garage to look for it. Now the light is out in the garage, has been for months now. We have bulbs but once again because I am the only one that needs to go into the garage at night it isn’t high on the husbands to do list. I mean do you really think about lights being out during the day when sunlight is streaming in and you really don’t need artificial light? So I turn on the laundry room light and just opt to use the light streaming from that room into the garage. That is until I open the door and a possum runs across our garage right toward the tool box!!!! Ack! I am not about to battle a possum for the tool box those things are highly protective read  MEAN and I don’t need the pliers that much. By the way this isn’t the first time this possum and I have crossed paths. I was bagging up recyclables one day about a month or so ago and I noticed that one of the cracker boxes was unusually heavy. It had plastic bags stuffed down in it so I was pulling those out to see what the kids might have stuffed in the box when I saw fur and something move. I put the box down and proceeded to get out of dodge. Called my husband and he came home later to discover that it was a possum. We set the box outside in the yard so she could run away and be free. Jorry assured me that night when he brought the box back in that she was gone. Well, guess what? NOT!

So back to the toilet seat. I opted for a pair of scissors hoping they would at least grip the top of the screw enough to keep it from spinning so I could get the lug nut loose. No such luck. So I tried cutting the top of the screw. Nada. Wedging myself down between the toilet and the tub again I somehow got the screw and the lug nut going in the opposite direction and they finally separated! I was soo excited until I realized that I had to figure out how to wedge myself between the vanity and the toilet on the other side. A much smaller space. I had visions of my children having to call 911 so the fire department could come and get me out. So I decided to try and reach the lug nut from underneath and turn the screw from the top knowing it probably wouldn’t work like it didn’t on the first side. Two turns and the screw broke away from the lug nut!! Now why on God’s green earth would it not do that on the other side??

Installing the seat was uneventful. It fits and Emi my constant annoying curious companion through this whole thing asks to try the seat out first. I am happy to say that it works nicely. Now I am off to look up critter removers because I want that possum evicted. Our garage is not the place for wayward marsupials… least not ones with sharp teeth that closely resemble rats.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!! She is so much better and started showing improvement yesterday around 5:30pm.

She has been fever free for 24hrs. No rash. No vomiting. She has also consumed mass quantities of popsicles and I keep pushing water. We are hanging out here today and letting her play as she feels like it and making sure she takes in plenty of fluids.

So after 4days of sickness the house is now sick!

Luckily have a great amount of energy and a huge desire to get some things done. Not sure it’s nesting since I still have 7weeks to go but I’ll take it, whatever it is.


  1. Wash all bed sheets in our room
  2. Remake the beds                      
  3. Clear off the top of the diaper changer.
  4. Sweep and mop kitchen floor
  5. Clean our bathroom
  6. Clean main bathroom
  7. Fold laundry that is on the couch–thanks Aly for the help
  8. Clean up walk in closet
  9. Pull books from shelves that I want to post on paperback swap
  10. Get clothing donations into the van
  11. Clean our bedroom and vacuum.—partially done, just need to put a few things away

Ok that is all I can think of off the top of my head. There might be more. Will cross them off as I get them done.