We had a really great weekend. My brother’s girlfriend was in town so we went out garage saleing on Friday and Sat. It was the weekend when there are sales from the one side of the state to the other on the highway that runs through our town.

I hit the jackpot at one sale. I had been wanting a slide for the littles to play on outside and look what I got for $4!!!!





I couldn’t believe my luck!! Then we traveled out to a barn sale and there were so many baby girl clothes there! Every sale prior to that had had a lot of boy clothes…no help to this mom of 5girls! When we pulled up though the first thing I saw was a doll sized umbrella stroller, something else that I have been looking for because we have one and the littles battle over it. I had SiSi run up to it and stand by it as there were other people coming up the driveway. While we were looking we found brand new never worn outfits for #5. She needs clothes since I haven’t had a summer baby since ’95 and I have nothing to hand down. There were water shoes for SiSi for when we hit the creek, a swim suit(hallelujah chorus) for Emi and a couple of more shirts for her to round out what she needs for the summer.

I spent $20 total for everything I got which also included some brand new books that I found at various other sales and a couple of large canvas bags.

Sat. was Alison’s day to score big. My brother has been looking for barstools with backs for his apartment and the first sale we stopped at had two of them. they were marked $15 a piece but the guy sold them both for $15!! I also found an hanging closet organizer there that I am using to put the baby’s clothes in. Now I just need one more for her diapers and we are set. I will be out again this coming weekend as long as the weather is nice.

Yesterday I worked on my chair project. No pictures for that yet…I want to post them all in one post. I also spray painted a barstool that we got for my brother on Friday. Now that it is painted I am going to recover the top of it and see how they work for him. They don’t have backs but we got the pair for $5 and they are sturdy. While I was painting I was also tanning burning my back. It isn’t too bad. I was always so dark complected as a kid and now as an adult I tend to burn before I tan.

After cleaning up my project mess Aly and I went to good will to see if we could get her summer needs taken care of. She is the only one that I have a hard time getting things at garage sales for. So we found some shorts to try but none of them worked. Can someone explain to me why they think the bottom of the shorts should only land one inch below the crotch??!! She did find a lot of cute Old Navy, Wet Seal and Ambercrombie tanks and shirts. She doesn’t look for those specifically, I just pointed that out so that those who haven’t stepped inside a goodwill can be aware that you can dress with those labels (if that matters to you) at a much cheaper price than going to their store and paying their outrageous prices. Maybe not Old Navy as much as the other two. Now all she needs are shorts that aren’t too short, some capris and a couple of jeans that don’t have holes in the knees. Holes in the knees don’t bother me, it’s just that she can’t leave the holes alone and they get bigger extremely fast.

We didn’t get to work on our garden yesterday because Jorry was sore from the side job he did on Sat. The poor guy could hardly move yesterday. So tonight, if his muscles aren’t as sore we will go out there to work. This morning I am loading up the littles to go work in the garden our organic farmer has in.

Oh and in night weaning news last night was the 3rd night that Ace has not nursed in the night. Woo hooo! I am getting better sleep and this makes a huge difference during the day. I just tell her that nunnies are night night and she will either take a drink of water and roll over or she will snuggle in with me. She is also sleeping better with all the outside play time she is getting. She loves to be outside and hates to be brought in.

Ok I am off to get things together to go to the farm.

Have a great day!!




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  1. Woo-hoo for garage sales!  I didn’t realize this weekend was the… what’s it called?  National Road sale or something like that?
    RYC:  I’m afraid I don’t have the secret… wish I did though!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! You have to love great deals like that, and it sounds like you found lots of things that you were actually looking for. How old is Ace? Just curious — my daughter is almost 2 and still nurses a lot at night…. I love the picture at the end. When are you due?

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