Rain, rain go away

Thanks for everyone for the encouragement from my last post.

We have had rain, rain and more rain in the form of really nasty thunderstorms. Lightening struck right outside the kitchen window and then was followed by the loudest clap of thunder. Emi jumped out of her chair at the table an into my arms. It scared her to death. I am grateful that she and Ace slept through the worst ones that came through in the early am.

Farmers are loosing corners of their newly planted corn fields to massive pools of water. The ground is so saturated and it can’t hold any more. Yesterday while driving home we passed a field that is for sale and it has a few low spots full of water. There were ducks swimming out in those spots!

Aly is working at the nursery with her dad today. She and Sisi alternate Sat. Jorry was trying to get her to go to bed last night at about 10:30pm because they had to leave before 7am this morning. After a couple of times of him saying “Shouldn’t you go to bed? I’m only going to try to wake you once.” and her replying “I’m not tired. I’ll get up.” I had to quietly tell him that he told her what to expect and that it was now up to her to decide if she should go to sleep sooner or deal with being tired in the morning. He was just going to get frustrated if they kept going back and forth. She went to bed late and she did get up. Money is a good motivator. She earns a little bit for the work she does at the nursery.

I am off to pick up a little bit because I have been very relaxed today with the gloomy weather and all.


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